MisterrCha’s Words – A Belated Birthday to D’Angelo’s Voodoo


Happy 15 years of Voodoo.

I saw Saint Heron’s piece and fellow artists sharing their thoughts on Voodoo and thought I could chip in!
Just to start off, I’m so happy we all got to hear Black Messiah. I honestly thought it may have not seen the light of day but I’m happy that it has because of it’s a stellar masterpiece we needed to hear. As time latches further than Voodoo’s release (I was only 4 years old when it was out haha!)

Voodoo exists in a space that far removed from it’s contemporaries, but remains timeless and seems to reveal more of itself over years and years of listens. The oddiest of details will make them present such as voicings within the harmonies, interesting instrumentation phrases and so forth.


I had always heard Untitled throughout various points within my life, but it was only till I stumbed upon Untitled (How Does It Feel) and relistened to both Brown Sugar and Voodoo, I really understood the degree of what I was listening to. I’m young so I’ve sat with Voodoo for about 3 years. It’s been the soundtrack to my best, and to my worst days. I find certain parts of Voodoo haunting sometimes because of the expressiveness, of D’Angelo’s vocals and the lyrics describing his psyche are so bare and devastating; Additionally to that is how ethereal and deep D’Angelo’s connected and channeled the energy to so many genres plus artists of black music and releases it within himself. Gospel, blues, spiritual, R&B, jazz, rock and roll, it’s all present in the world of Voodoo.

An album that will always stay with me.

Thank you D’Angelo for your gift.

This is MisterrCha of @TeamProU saying till next time.

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