Underrated Producer Of The Year: Eddie Random

Underrated Producer Of The Year: Eddie Random

ProU is proud to announce our selection for UPOTY (sounds funny I know). Underrated Producer Of The Year. It goes to a humble hard working producer from the Boston area by the name of Eddie Random.

Recently I got to know him. Before I only met him briefly at a REKS / Term / Glasshouse Productions concert & was excited to hear him speak so passionately about producing & working with potential artists – he was someone you could instantly tell was a nice person – and very genuine. Before that I also talked to him for a second at a Mind Spray producer showcase (which he won a spot at). He won with this beat

He has been working hard. His instrumentals have been a staple on the ProU podcast hosted by Sam Kilsdonk (Gamma Singularity). Especially “Sirens” aka Destroy Your Empire

Impressed by his work ethic, I wanted to meet him for dinner to get to know him better. We talked about a range of topics. He was everywhere – Working w/ Wreck Shop (scheduled to be the featured producer @ The Freedom Cypher in March). He had just killed it at The Freestyle Clinic (hosted by Seti in Everett, MA every Monday) as the featured act. Jon Glass, the night before was talking to me about how awesome/nice Eddie is (now they are frequent collaborators. A great combo to witness IMO). He has four shows lined up already in 2015, and he ONLY started less than two years ago. So this is VERY humbling for him. And I know winning this award will be humbling to him. But he deserves it. I was inspired that night, as we chomped on Mediterranean Cuisine – listening to him talk about his ambitions – how little he sleeps & how hard he works. A few hours every night and that’s all he needs. He spoke a quote I’ll never forget. He said “What am I going to do, in 10-20 years.. say ‘Oh I wish when I was younger, I got more sleep? [Hell no]'”. That quote is now hung up on my wall.

Music gets sent to ProU all day. I need a REASON to listen to your music. An inspirational story. He comes from a Colombian family that moved here when he was 13 and his parents worked incredibly hard to establish their own successful business here. It’s hard enough to establish a business as a U.S native. But this is just more proof that anything is possible – when immigrants can come over and dominate. And they often do. They have the hunger. And he clearly inherited that same work ethic and hunger from THEM.

Zombies Remix – favorite song from him. And the most popular on his SoundCloud.

He’s so focused on producing that you KNOW he can’t fail. When he talks about producing you feel he’s talking about a long-lost brother that he reconnected with after not knowing he existed – not knowing what was missing his entire life. Most of his time at works he spends listening to podcasts about producing and such [Like !llmind’s BLAP podcast]. I believe that to be successful at something you have to almost have an obsessive compulsion about it – you are almost crazy about it. And Eddie is crazy about beats. He’s in tune to the business part though – that you must market properly and network. We have hundreds of requests to join ProU – but we look for a specific type of person.

If he develops the ability to also study the business side of making it – he will become the complete package. He’s already someone who makes no excuses. He doesn’t want to end up like old acquaintances who would always get distracted by video games & women – who he would try to convince to take the game more seriously. But they won’t listen. Because it’s almost impossible to change someone’s attitude. That’s why smart companies hire for attitude and train for skill.

[Like any of us – he’s a victim of auto-correct]

bakari a victim of autocorrect like all of us


So on that ride home after dinner, I listened through his SoundCloud and was impressed by MANY beats. It’s like finding out an artist you like just randomly dropped a new album [J Cole] after getting a scoop on the process behind the creation of the album. It was enjoyable and enough material to freestyle on the way home for 40+ minutes. His beats are incredibly freestylable. It just naturally lets you flow. What I also look up to him is that though he lives in a random area of New Hampshire – he has no problem traveling down to Boston constantly to go to events – because that is what it takes to make it. While some people will complain about the cold weather, or having to travel 10 or 15 minutes – he doesn’t care about the hour+ long drives. Him and his boy Melks would drive to New York back in the day, whenever they needed to, and hand out material. That’s what he’s willing to do for success. And that’s what YOU have to be willing to do. If he makes a remix album with a Mobb Deep member’s acapellas – He will go to a Mobb Deep concert and hand it out to fans.

Stay tuned, by the way, for the Havoc of Mobb Deep tape he is going to drop this year. He made a remix for Havoc before & got a shoutout from him. Havoc is one of the producers he respects most – in his top 5, along with DJ Premier, El-P and a couple others. So to get a Mobb Deep co-sign on a beat – that was something that you could tell made his entire month, back when it happened. On InstaGram, he mentioned listening to two beats of Ed’s and Eddie asked ‘which one did you like more’, and Havoc said ‘I can’t decide – they’re both dope’. It’s like waiting 5 years for your favorite athlete to sign a ball. Validation. Something saying “Yo, you selected the right path. Keep going, kid”.

The type of person he is – grateful. This will get him far. A simple step most people overlook. He thanked the people he worked with throughout the year.

eeddie type


What I loved most is he had so much soul. Just kidding – what I loved most is his humility. Whenever he would talk about beats or starting producing he would mention his boy Melks, who got him into it.  (Together they make a duo called ‘The Suicide Squad’, who I’m sure fuel most of each other’s creative success). Sharing sounds, collabing all the time – teaching each other methods – that’s what it’s all about. Even though he’s humble, I would call him what Common refers to as a “Humble King”. He’s humble but he’s CONFIDENT. He knows his beats are good. He knows when he just created a masterpiece and isn’t afraid to dance around the room with his head bobbing proudly after the fact. He knows he will impress beat judges at every battle he enters because they weren’t expecting what he brings. He’s a master of basslines.

At dinner, he talks feverishly about not selling out, and that you won’t ever hear him creating radio hits EVEN though that might make him a lot of $ – that wouldn’t make him happy. And that’s not who he is.

That’s evident.

Evident he will not sell out in how he talks about sending beats to Bakari J.B & Rayel & how big a fan he is of them. They are local conscious artists he works with. Part of a bigger overall conscious group called The ALLmighty. He said FIRST he is a fan of hip hop. He goes to shows to support & enjoy music. It’s not just to network.

It’s clear how badly he wants Bakari & Rayel to succeed. That’s what would make him happy. I definitely admire that. It’s not just about himself. It’s ALL about his people.

He is somebody that I know if he continues, will make it. That’s what the underrated producer award is about too. There’s many elements of success to make it. And Eddie is the most overlooked producer because of how new he is. And 2015 is the year where people will be getting to know his name as he starts to get his buzz going.

It’s only the beginning of a very long journey. I imagine re-hashing with him in 2025 about all the legends he has worked with in hip hop – and him still being the same ol’ Humble Eddie.

One of the coolest / most underlooked qualities of his I noticed – as a producer, is his ability to co-operate and create successfully with other beatmakers. We recently had him at The Savage of ProU’s apartment and he listened to the beat he was creating – and he hopped onto the Maschine – and perfectly added elements to make a solid beat into a dope beat. That takes a special producer. You could tell it was like cake to him.

It was like watching art. Like watching Basquiat with his pencil. Or Jesus leading his people.

Kudos & much success to Eddie. We’re rooting for you!

Want to work with him? Hit him up on Facebook.

Until Next Time,
It’s Shawn Patel, CEO of @TeamProU
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