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Wise Words of The Sensei: Interview with Lord Apex – @SENSEIAPEX with @MisterrCha


Getting an interview with one of my favourite artists out at the moment is quite the thrill. Lord Apex currently has 3 projects in his discography and we’re gearing up to the release of his 4th entitled: “Hyoko Meiso (elevation/meditation)” for a release at somepoint in 2015.  Lord Apex talks about the new project; his process behind making records, his love for anime and Kung-Fu, how Madvillainy impacted him and more.

I’ve written previous articles on Apex here.

“I ignore them and put my standards above them”. – Lord Apex on Splendor from GXLDEN ERA EP.


1) What’s your approach and creative process towards each project?

Lord Apex: Right now I make sure I keep the process of creating songs in its purest form, usually when im in a peaceful state alone with a couple of joints or sumn, I play through a few beats till one captures me, choosing beats is such a hard task because each one I hear but I’m always out for that one that has that difference that I can feel through the sound waves.

My next project entitled “hyoko meiso (elevation/meditation)” is more of a project which has all over chill sense to it. its been a journey while making it, it really describes my last few months on earth as a British rapper who loves to smoke.

2) What made you want to use the free associative style
that you use to communicate your rap lyrics instead of the common narrative driven style?

Lord Apex: Growing up watching nothing but anime and Kung Fu ive always had visions of Samo Hung, Bruce lee, etc. doing some cool shit which are embedded in my mind. Early teenage years I hated what i was hearing in mainstream so I started doing research on underground rap and came across Madvillainy and the unseen album by Quasimoto and ever since then my perspective on music in general has never been the same.
There’d be times where i listen to a doom song but not understand the lyric a month later. that alone inspired to make my lyrics complex n make sure they make you think.

Mugen from Samurai Champloo – one of Lord Apex’s favourite anime.

3) New artists you’ve been listening into/what you like about
their music? + 4) How do you feel about the UK rap scene and where can you see it heading?

Lord Apex: In terms of the rappers been listening to i just fuck with mostly the homies on soundcloud its like a big unit because we all work together but its more than just collaborating because we all helping each other achieve dreams.

I been listening to Nasty cuz he’s nice af with the rhymes, Jetson, Ben Beal, Bryson McGee, Aiden, Chester Watson, Finn Foxell, Flash Gordiani, the list goes on man, if i missed ya name i was toking before i wrote this out. 420 blaze it 360 no scope.
This past year ive been chilling with a lot more creative minds around London which have similar mindsets to me, i love it when i see moves being made. Like the homie Walid Labri who i went high school with is now directing and shooting all your favorite internet icons like Virgil, Uzi, J stash n all em.
i could go on but you get what i mean, it’s just cool to watch everyone build something from the ground up and still be so lowkey which is where the whole idea behind Shinobi boys comes from. It’s a better way of living where were forever happy, we don’t even care about fame we do all we can to make sure the trap bunks and we just spread good vibes.

To be honest though i don’t listen to a lot of British music because all the rappers that will change peoples views on British rap are on soundcloud so that’s my home for music.

5) Anything you’d like to tell your fans/anyone reading this?

Lord Apex: To anyone reading i just wanna say i appreciate you for being a part of my existence, do what you want and ignore clouded judgement which usually comes from them closed-minded people out there. Don’t ever let someone tell you something you believe in is wrong, questions and life is all perspective and the best part about is there’s 7 billion different ones but no ones else can see through your perspective on life. Smile whenever you can, compliment random people you walk past on the road you might just make their day. keep living life a free as possible and don’t let all these man-made restrictions hold you back.

6) What’s next for Lord Apex?

Lord Apex: Whats next for me is more focus on visuals, i study media so filming and documenting things is like a second passions, i like to design clothes, i get a lot of inspiration from animes because they have such different small details which i always find interesting. I think not to think about the future too much though, Although ive got this whole planned out music wise, i like to just live life as everything comes n go with the flow of things to keep the aura pure.

Thank you for your time Lord Apex.
This is MisterrCha of @TeamProU saying till next time.
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Written by MisterrCha


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