Jon Glass Wins ProU Selection for 2014 Producer Of The Year!

Jon Glass (Left), Justice Born (Right)

Jon Glass (Left), Justice Born of Wreck Shop (Right)

ProU is proud to announce that we are recognizing Jon Glass as our selection for 2014 producer of the year; as well as our pick for who we believe is most primed for a breakout year in 2015. Dozens of producers were considered for the process – ones with ultra note-worthy placements. But Jon Glass was the one with the total package we were looking for.  We also voted him “Most likely to stay grinding, despite winning any type of award”. So you better stay true to that, Jon.

Fun Fact: We had some other superlatives for kicks & the female ProU fans voted him for “Best smile award” of any producer we had on our list.

Where does one begin?
Where do you find a harder working and kinder producer than Jon Glass, leader of the Massachusetts Glasshouse Productions team?

From being mentor and role model to rising talents Token and Composition (of Glasshouse) to working with some of the best in the biz (REKS, Termanology), what I respect most about him is that his dreams never fade

He is always looking for the next step. Thinking about the future.

To become Producer of the Year, it is not just about talent; which Jon has an excess of (Proven by his overall 2nd place finish in the Ryan Leslie search for top producer $5000 contest, of hundreds — maybe thousands of entries, where he was able to meet Ryan Lewis and get personal compliments on his work with his impressive performance). In a field where money isn’t known to come thundering down upon its participants, it is sometimes VERY difficult to stay motivated. This was a sure sign – getting a nod from the Grammy winner and one of the world’s most talented producers – that Jon chose the right field.

To become Producer of the Year, you should show inspirational qualities like Jon does. His ambitious mindset is infectious through his team (and beyond). P.S he supports people BEYOND just his team – so he gets support outside it. A major important thing about him. This is the proper attitude you should have – and that is lacking in the industry. Back to the topic at hand: Inspiration. At any Glasshouse meeting, you can see the excitement on everyone’s faces. And this wouldn’t be possible if they had some lame-o leader. And let me tell you something. Jon Glass is no lame-o. He doesn’t waste time – and makes sure every meeting is productive (unlike most leaders. A fatal mistake). They get recording sessions and/or mixing processes out of the way almost EVERY meeting. Everyone feeds off this inspiration and productivity – and they mix in good humor within it all. Fact: Jon loves Family Guy.

Producer of the Year isn’t about a producer who has “made it”. It’s about a producer and person who is still bucking away. With big eyes, like it’s Day 1. And from that passion, he inspires others to improve THEIR craft, and take THEIR craft more serious. A producer who has “made it” is laid back. POTY is about who you are going to hear about for MANY years! An underlooked hard working producer out to prove himself.

Jon is an extraordinary businessman, engineer, and producer (Speaking of business: their new sweatshirts are now available too).

glasshouse sweatshirts

I got a glimpse of his plans for 2015 from talks with him and can tell he’s become a very savvy businessman, and it’s been a conscious act to get to that level. I’d say he’s become 10x the businessman he was when I first met him. He used to think it was a weak spot. Now I think he’s great at it and his ideas (and more importantly: the speeds he takes action) is quite impressive. Some people talk too much and don’t act. Jon has something called quiet confidence: a trait Rosa Parks and Mahatma Gandhi were known for (new nickname: Mahatma Glass?). They look peaceful but actually harness a lot of power driven from that peace that you might not expect to see. An insatiable desire to change the world (or their team).

It takes planning to be successful. Jon knows and embraces this fact – making sure proper strategies are in place before any major move is executed.

The Difference Between a Producer and a Beatmaker

A beatmaker creates a beat and sends it to the rapper like, “Ok, whatever, do what you want”. A producer is right there with you and tells you you are sucking if you are sucking. They help guide the entire creative process. If Jon was a yes-man and afraid of giving his opinion on how a song is working, Glasshouse wouldn’t NEARLY be enjoying the amount of success it is right now. That takes GUTS, and someone who truly cares. As people in GH say, “Jon Glass is like family”. I was talking to Du-KaRan of GH at a recent concert and we were both feeling a little off without Jon there because he’s one of the few people that you feel like “If he comes, then I feel like I have family there supporting me”. It literally is as if your blood brother or sister is there to support when he’s at a show of yours.

What’s He Up To 

What’s he up to now? Plans for many releases in 2015, and a debut studio album guaranteed to have a lot of nice features. He just opened up a new studio. If you are looking for mixing/mastering services (or recording) he’s the MAN to go to and is reasonable. He’s worked with SO many rappers. So if you’re an annoying rapper he will still probably be able to work/tolerate you because he’s used to it.

Him and Balance The Bum are working on a Token album. Him and Composition are working on a studio debut (Compy is 17. Token is 16 – they both go to Marblehead High).

I’d say he didn’t end the year too badly either. The cypher he produced in conjunction w/ ProU and that was shot by Downlow Productions (peep their videos on this link. very talented) has garnered 13,000 plays on SoundCloud in two weeks and landed on the biggest hip hop blog in France (Le Tournedisque). EK, Tim Nihan of ProU, Composition & Token were the rappers on it. See it below. He also engineered it (which is a pain getting vocals and putting together the separate projects from each vocalist. But he did it with ease)

Last, they just recorded the first-ever Glasshouse cypher (I believe this is going to be a series! If so, I know it’s going to be amazing). You can check the behind-the-scenes video of the energetic meeting taken by Dexter Soul (Formerly Biz) of Glasshouse below. The cypher will be released sometime this month.

It was Dexter’s first video/edit and I think he has a very bright future in it. I’ve talked to him and have seen how driven he is. Stay tuned for Dexter’s videography business launch in 2015. He’s another person in Glasshouse who is REALLY inspiring me to step outside my comfort zone and become a better all-around person. He is most well-known as a rapper – but we all know we should never box ourselves in to one identity and that rappers can’t make livings off rap alone. Have to think outside the box. So thank you to Jon, Dex, and the entire Glasshouse family for their inspiration.

Jon, congratulations on your award. It could not go to a more humble person. You work hard every day and that’s why it’s easy to predict you as a big producer and give you this award. Keep it up.

Until Next Time,
It’s Shawn Patel, CEO of @TeamProU
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