Rapsody Impresses With New “Beauty and the Beast” EP

Rapsody Impresses With New “Beauty and the Beast” EP

Right on. Jamla Emcee “Rapsody”, is back with her new “Beauty and the Beast” EP. We previously reviewed her “The Idea Of Beautiful” album, which made us really discover how talented this woman is. The DJ Booth review mentioned that Jamla has a lot of soul beats in their projects, and the writer wanted to see a Jamla emcee step out of the box and just destroy ANY type of beat. He continues,

So my internal challenge to Rapsody was to get out of her comfort zone, and get a little angry to show people that she really is one of the best emcees around even if it means hopping on something like a trap beat (sometimes you have to beat them at their own game). Heading into Beauty and the Beast, I was hoping to see more beast than beauty and that’s exactly what we got.

That quote got me really excited.

She’s a grateful and passionate performer, beyond just a strong emcee. I do not like many female emcees – but Rapsody is definitely one that can compete with anybody out there. She feels a chip on her shoulder and is ALWAYS out to prove something. That is something you wish to see from any artist. When she visited Boston for the first time, I saw her live and the crowd loved her. 9th Wonder was DJ’ing and it was amazing to see a legend there. He is , of course, probably one of Rapsody’s biggest fans. It is great to see such a humble person and he just cares so much about his team and the people within it. He’s really giving these people a chance to shine. But also of course, people like Rapsody have to be among the hardest workers in the game to make the buzz she has created. She is obviously a perfectionist with her music to create such dope material.

“I’m still that rapper, that your favorite rapper afraid to rap after”, as she says. It is good to see that confidence. In reality it doesn’t matter whos better than who, people just enjoy good music – and she provides that. She has heart.

The album starts off strong with the Nottz-produced “Feel It’. I really like the variety of the beats and the transitions. The second track “Who I Am” prod. by Eric G followed by Hard To Choose by 9th Wonder are all different enough from each other and have different flows enough that the whole album is like bringing you through this cool and complex maze and story. She’s taking us on an adventure with her. And that’s what a real album is about, you feel me?

Love that line on on “Hard to Choose”. “But when Nas told me God, you’re killing it, then I’m burning”.  That was really touching. What an amazing feeling that must have been. I felt like I REALLY got to know her as a person on this track. Much Respect to Rapsody.

The entire album features nice vocals by Heather Victoria

What the hell you waiting for? Check the album on iTunes here.

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