DopeSick – Damn Ricky, Fat P & James Maka – Artists You Should Know

DopeSick – Damn Ricky, Fat P & James Maka – Artists You Should Know

Some of you may have seen the name Damn Ricky (if you haven’t, you are certianly missing out). He produced a song off Michael Christmas’ project “Is This Art?” titled “ Dr. Christmas, M.D.” You also may have seen the name James Maka listed in the credits, another member of the collective group of creative people who call their brand and movement, “DopeSick”.

On Damn Ricky’s new project, “You(th)“, James Maka, delivers one of my personal favorite songs from the project “A Place in the Sun“. I was pleasently surprised by James Maka’s unique singing voice and lyrical content – “I have to be me, I have to be free, with out that I’m nothing” is just one line that sticks out. A strong point of the song is it’s very catchy hook, something that DopeSick isn’t new to. On “Market Basket”, Damn Ricky teams up with close friend, cousin and talented emcee Fat P (another member of DopeSick). Fat P gives us an unforgettable hook. The uplifting chant “What I want… the world it’s possible” speaks to anybody struggling with a dead end 9 to 5 looking for more out of life. “Wake up every morning, crack of dawn and, groaning, don’t want to work my shift, mom dukes still talking shit” Fat P flows in his distinct slurred and high pitched voice as it sits perfectly over the Damn Ricky production.

DopeSick has certainly not reached their full potential, but anybody with an ear for music and can see there is something special here. It was evident as they performed there unreleased song “Whatyouknow” (click the link for a preview of the video they are releasing in the near future) at last month’s Mind Spray Open Mic Showcase. I was fortunate enough to have them send me the unreleased Mp3 file, which has played several times back to back in my car.

I’m eager to see what the future holds for these talented artists. But whatever it is, I encourage you to check them out and find out yourself.

You can stream Damn Ricky’s new project “You(th)” at the top of the article to hear beats as well as a few songs featuring James Maka and Fat P.

-Tim Nihan

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