Fran-P & Twan Call Out Conformists & Tell People To “Wake Up”

Fran-P & Twan Call Out Conformists & Tell People To “Wake Up”

Already nearing 2,000 plays in a day of release Fran-P & Twan release “Wake Up” as the 4th track in their weekly Proof  series. Fran-P is officially my favorite inspirational rapper from the state of Mass. He brings it every time. Four tracks four hits. Thats a 1000 batting average. Most rappers bring cliché sports references. Fran-P knows that & makes sure to give some meaning to his references. Francisco Peguero (Dominican-American) so you know he likes baseball. Check the below rhyme. Everything from the Jordan to Pujols part of the reference was on point and the delivery was nice.

I left the birds to get some angels, bro. I’m Albert Pujols.

That went above my head the first few times I listened. One of my favorite lines from the track is “Man… MotherF**K a compliment. Until I’m crowned one of the bests on all the continents”. That’s how a real winner thinks.

He doesn’t let up the whole song, switches up his styles and stays consistent with the lyricism.

You can’t listen to anyone, you have to listen to your positive self: the message is. “Learn to see in the dark”, Fran says.

I’ve been loved. I’ve been hated.
I’ve been told I’ll never make it.
I’ve been cherished. I’ve been put down.
I’ve been told I’d be the greatest

A lot of us can relate to this. Amen. What can you listen to yourself in the end? Your own faith that you will be the greatest. What P promises at the end, and the only thing you can promise is that you put everything you have in a track (or whatever it may be for you)

Stay tuned for another release next week. Follow Twan & Fran-P on SoundCloud.

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