Maximizing Social Media for Self Promotion: Common Mistakes

Maximizing Social Media for Self Promotion: Common Mistakes

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Tips So You Don’t Suck at Social Media: Common Mistakes Musicians Make

(Specifically On Facebook, InstaGram, and YouTube)

by Aubrey Anderson

Social Media is a hot and powerful tool for self promotion. What you tweet gets retweeted. What you post is liked, 1+’d, shared, and talked about. It’s a huge spotlight just waiting for you to fill it with all that you are and all that you want to promote. From Instagram, to Tumblr; from Facebook to YouTube, and Google+, bring it back around to SoundCloud, ReverbNation, and well you get the idea.

The best part is that many of these social media platforms can be linked and one share to one app from your cellphone or computer can easily hit at least four other platforms. Sounds easy right? However most artists do not use social media to it’s full potential and then wonder why their music isn’t getting the notice it deserves.

When people ask me how they can promote their music better, the first thing I look at is how they are connecting to their listeners. Here are some of the things that I often see that need changed on three commonly used social media outlets.


“Hey check out my new song.” – (set as viewable to only friends)

Make sure that when sharing something this important, the post option is set for everyone to view.



Why this is important: Simply because even if your friends see it and they share it on their wall, only mutual friends can see it and share it. So nobody new gets to see or hear your new track. Unless your friend goes and gets the link from the other social media outlet and shares it as public to their page. Seriously, how many people do you know that will do that? If you don’t want normal everyday strangers looking at your private Facebook page, then you need to have a special page for yourself as a music artist.


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The hub bub and hot tub of social media. This is hashtag central in a way that twitter couldn’t be. Why? Because you can literally show people what’s up, not just talk about it. So why are you posting a photo of your lunch? Your listeners do want to connect to you as a person, but mostly as an artist. A photo of your lunch and a few hashtag about where and why are great, but you also need to stick to the point.You are a musician. Post photos of the studio, your equipment, people you are working with and tag them. If you go to an event, post that too. Act like a humble celebrity and watch how quickly this can turn around for you. Last but not least don’t make your profile private.



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Ahh the mecca of a musicians’ work. So you’ve finally got a video online. That’s awesome! Super proud of you, but let’s remember YouTube is a big place! Lots to see and get lost in. I know you are probably pushing that video all over the internet, which is what I want you to do. However let’s roll back and look at a few things. Here is a place where you are not a star. I’m sorry sweetie but YouTube is a big place full of cat videos, crotch kicks, slenderman, and music videos. Now I am hoping your video is amazing. If not well, hey at least you put it out there, which is more than most people do. You are an upcoming artist and yes on other social media platforms act like a celeb, but here you need to use a lot to maximize your viewers experience.

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Underutilized Portion of YouTube #1

The most underutilized section of YouTube is the About section. Can you believe it? Here is a place where you can put all the links to all your social media places, post your lyrics, talk about your inspiration, post info on shows you’ll be at, links to merchandise, the list is endless. Most new artists leave it blank. Queue sad music, *wah wah waaaaaahhh*

Underutilized Portion of YouTube #2

The second most underutilized tool for YouTube is something everyone hates, but should be unabashedly used, #hashtags or meta tags. YouTube is one of few places that encourages you to go nuts on using tags. So use them. Remember your video is awesome and you want everyone who came to watch alien videos to see your song about aliens, so tag it. Don’t be embarrassed, meta tags help people using that good old search bar to find your video. Plant at least twenty of those suckers on your video.

In Review: Okay, so I think I’ve beaten you up enough for this month. These are only THREE of the great social media platforms, and really the big idea is getting your talent out to the world to see. These suggestions can basically be used on any other social media outlet. Be crafty, be wise, be a self promoter, and help others to help you. As always: much love, and best wishes!


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Written by AubreyEA

Aubrey Anderson’s publishing credits include "Immortal Verses" and "The Sound of Poetry" Anderson spends her time as a freelance writer. Soon to be a guest featured on the Brazilian metal radio program Gadanho Nervoso. She founded Manticore Studios, bringing attention to the underground hardcore music scene throughout Northern California and Oregon, focusing on video and photographic media.


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