[Chill Spotlight – @SENSEIAPEX – The Cruise]


If you need a smooth hip hop jam just to vibe to for a bit, Sensei’s got you.

Spaced out organ chords with melodies in the mix are the musical backdrop Sensei lays his words of inspiration and tranquility upon. Whilst these harmless melodies are orbiting, Temz Cicero’s voice flies over the chorus to add sensational background vocals adding to the euphoria filled experience. The Madlib-esque kick drums give it a hazy bounce with taiko drums giving the beat an interesting polyrhythm with the main snare and kick pattern making it very enjoyable.

Aside from production, the wordplay on here is cheeky and revealed with multiple listens. As well as the wordplay being open yet slowly revealing, Apex’s cadences and flows on here are extremely captivating in setting the mood right at a good pace for a head-bopping rhythm.

“The lyrical ability, really got her feelin’ me, dunno what’s she saying but her voice it just gets into me”

The lyricism is detailed enough to get you imagining of a future utopian society where you find a young Japanese girl out in Kyoto with voices inspiring us to pursue our inner dreams.

It’s nice to have chilled out rap offering a honest reflection of one’s goals and dreams without becoming preachy or overdoing it. It’s wonderful.

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His latest project entitled ‘Virtual Dojo 96’ or VD96 for short will be released on July 12th.

This is MisterrCha of @TeamProU saying till next time.

I’ve finally managed to release my Remixes EP which can be streamed below:

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