What’s a Music Producer to you? ProU Responds…

What’s a Music Producer to you? ProU Responds…

The word “producer” is tossed around so much in the industry these days, that there is a mixed perception of what it actually is that a producer does. The definition has evolved along with technology, as it has become more possible for everyday people to create music digitally in home studios, or even just on their desktop computer.

Now-a-days, the average music listener views a producer generally as somebody who “makes beats”. Specifically in the hip hop & rap genres. Personally, as a “producer” myself, I feel as though it should go beyond that. It should start, and end with the producer. He/she should oversee the entire project from start to finish. The producer should advise the vocalist of what the song needs, look at the project macroscopically, and optionally work with the engineer who handles all of the small details… looking at the project microscopically.

As I said earlier, a lot of people have different ideas of what a producer is. Here are some responses from other fellow ProU teammates.

Epitom3 says… “To me, a producer is a guy or girl who sits down at the computer and tirelessly works their spare hours away making music. The lucky ones end up doing it as a career and a day job. I’d say I’m a producer, just like Flux Pavilion is a producer. But a producer is also somebody like a good portion of this group, the people who put together beats for people to sing in/rap on. Even though it’s two different kind of deals, it’s the same basic idea – we’re individuals making music as individuals, without a band.”

DahTrump says.. “there’s different types of producers… Executive producers (handles finances of entire project), and music producers (handles artistic vision [does not need to know how to make beats, just needs a great sense of music and intuitive direction]) True music producers are people like Quincy Jones, DJ Khaled, Kanye West or etc.. Some don’t know how to make beats, sing or rap, but they just know how to bring the right team and make a song or musical artistic idea that becomes real. They inspire the team, bring fresh ideas and encourages teamwork. They’re knowledgeable, seasoned in musical skills, relentless, organized and intuitive. Obviously, they’re great leaders in their craft. There’s also “music producers” which seems to be the new name adopted by “beat makers.” Personally, I think the term “beat maker” has a negative stigma against it, but that’s just me. The term gets less credit than it should… I mean look at artists who just makes songs, mixing engineers who just mix tracks, mastering engineers who just master, and sound engineers who just make sounds for production. Beat makers just make beats and some of them are really great at it. Personally I don’t like the term beat maker so I consider myself more of a “composer”.I play the role of a music producer usually when I deal with less experienced artists.”


NeoTip says… “The terms are a splitting of hairs. If you’re a beat maker making a beat, then you are at the same time overseeing the production of that beat, thereby producing a product, making you a producer.
Different definitions are given to these terms by people who seek to distinguish levels of skill, knowledge, talent, experience, and involvement in parts of production that don’t focus on the instrumental. In other words, when you’re a beat maker of notable talent, you will probably be thought of as a producer, by yourself as well as by others.”

Clamore says… “For me more than ever I think the two are the same thing. I think the concept of the modern electronic artist is to be an observer and someone who is constantly developing their sound through cross pollination of genre, culture and style. Despite a lot of modern producers taking on other roles eg graphics, promotion I think it runs a lot deep than that. Almost a of way of living. But at the end of the day, I think it is so much more than I can put into a Facebook comment. Haha”

What’s a producer to you? Just something to think about…


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  • Marvolus says:

    The producer isn’t just a mere worker who makes the beats. The producer is the back-bone of the whole sound. People usually cling to the artist/vocal performer, but fail to realize/credit the person who made the musical melody behind the vocal. I am an artist myself, I try to credit every producer I work with because it isn’t easy. You don’t get appreciated, you don’t get respect, producer is a hero to me. They keep the music alive.

  • casimir says:

    i want to become a rap star are intrested in signing me

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