J1K Does First Interview, Hits 10K Followers. By Justin Finkelstein

J1K Does First Interview, Hits 10K Followers. By Justin Finkelstein

In his first audio interview, Producers United Co-Captain “J1K” is interviewed by ProU Spokesperson and SoundCloud Podcast Host “Justin Finkelstein“. He talks about his humble beginnings, hitting 10,000 followers, and what artists should focus on.

I believe there are many inspirational quotables to this clip – and many of his fans and random listeners have left comments saying “Hey I can relate to this” or “Yeah, now I realize that numbers shouldn’t be the main focus. Just connect with your music and help others” Success will snowball when you least expect it basically. You work so hard and one day you look up and you’re steamrolling.

One of his main goals for 2014 involves seeing fellow captain of ProU “Mr. Fritz” blowing up. That just shows his selflessness and what we try to do in ProU: Just help each other, and care more about others than ourselves. He said “If I can help other people progress in their career that’s a bonus for me”

One of the main advice he gives is “focus on your own sound”, because “noone can take that from you”.

Another very interesting portion of the interview was him talking about his bursts of creativity. Make sure to check it out and share it if you enjoy!

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Written by Shawn Patel

Founder of ProU - Not sure what to write here. I like marketing. I like rapping. I like clapping. I like laughing.
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