March Mind Spray Playlist Features Many of Boston’s Hip Hop Talent

March Mind Spray Playlist Features Many of Boston’s Hip Hop Talent

The new Mind Spray hip hop playlist is out containing many of Boston & the region’s rising talent. Each playlist we feature fifteen tracks containing some of the Mind Spray past & upcoming headliners. Psalm One will be headlining the next showcase on April 27th.  She is “Hologram Kizzie”: second track.

Get tickets here. Don’t forget: if you dont have a peepee, you are allowed in free before 10 PM.

The playlist heads off with the newly premiered off NPR track “Cocaine” by STL GLD (Moe Pope/The Arcitype)

Featured are also ProU members Mr. Fritz and J1K on their “Feelin You” track that has been on repeat at Jam’n 94.5.

Co-hosts of the Mind Spray showcase Latrell James and Greyscale are among the playlist features as well. Latrell for his popular “Distance” track that landed on DJ Booth.

Mind Spray members John Robinson and Mark Merren of Branded Authentic do their thing. JR for an amazing track with Pat Van Dyke (a New Jersey drummer). I’m obsessed with their “Off The Wall” song.

One track that stood out as far as artists I hadn’t heard about that was kinda shocking was Trulymuzik’s Pound Cake remix called “Sound Cake”. Definitely don’t miss that.

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