Team Glasshouse Opening Night At Opus A Huge Success

Team Glasshouse Opening Night At Opus A Huge Success

glasshouse premier

The Glasshouse Productions team had the DEBUT for their showcase hip hop / R&B event at “Opus” in Salem, MA on Friday. And without a doubt – it was a success. Hosted by Glasshouse team founder, Jon Glass, “The Glasshouse Premier Party” was packed to the BRIM with dedicated hip hop fans and friends to support the evening. They got their fair share of entertainment for sure, and it was a great vibe where you could tell everyone was having a blast. Happy drinkers were reveling about, enhancing the evening’s atmosphere all night.

The team deservedly got to showcase their talent, as well as friends of the team. Check out this inspiring piece on Jon Glass, to see why I’m so happy that this man got his night to show the world his team and that it went so well! It goes into the stories of Token and Composition, two kids he mentored at an early age, and picked up on the GH team.


1. Du-KaRan of Glasshouse
2. The Poor Sports (Of Beverly. They host events @ Spotlight Tavern. Kinetik Dialekt and Sir Be were there. Tae Kwon Flo was unable to make it. P.S their producer DJ Slipwax is amazing – a Mass legend)
3. The D.A (Biz and Ediquette of Glasshouse)
4. Seti

And The Notorious B.K.S flawlessly DJ’ing throughout the night aka Boston’s (B)est (K)ept (S)ecret: Christopher Barbaro

notorious the bks


Du-KaRan started it off with some good energy. He got the crowd involved early in on the night which is always ideal – because it’s super hard to get it started. And he accomplished that task while delivering high-powered animated raps.

The Poor Sports (Kinetik and Sir Be in attendance)  brought a dope show full of energy and laughs. They definitely hyped up the crowd. Sir Be has a monstrous voice and is crazy talented. Every song he performs you earn more respect for him. Kinetik is hilarious – with his in between song commentary and also a very talented rapper. They have both been doing it for a VERY long time, and are still very young. I believe it’s been over 10 years for Kinetik. This group is easily at the top of my list for entertaining hip hop acts in the region. I was really happy to see them on the line-up. Their song about “xes” backward was a huge hit with the audience – the audience really got involved in that one. They ended it off with a freestyle portion. Deservedly, they gave some Glasshouse and Jon Glass shoutouts.


The D.A (Biz and Ediquette) came in definitely pumped for the night. This intimate venue was a nice setting for people to get a good feel for the acts and really listen to the lyrics. These guys don’t try to be fancy – they bring a message and the proper dose of swag to their performance.  The D.A  put on a good show and even mentioned Balance the Bum of Glasshouse. A great guy I got to talk to as well, during the night.

Justice, founder of Wreck Shop was in the building too, enjoying. Relentless was there, of Wreck Shop. Peter Parker, a young rapper I saw for the first time and really liked – a good guy too I was impressed by – he popped up there during the cypher near the end of the night before Seti’s set.

Seti Got Soul.

Seti Got Soul.

Seti made sure to come out despite having to deal with a delayed flight and something related to the family. He showed basically we are his second family by still taking the time and making it out. It therefore was an energy-packed performance as he fed off the crowd. He played the first song with a guitarist and Seti brought powerful & soulful singing in between his raps, which had the whole crowd going — making for the most engaging set hit of the night. Really loved that he fused singing in there. He is one of my favorite performers locally: Always inspiring me & one of the best guys you can meet.

BKS was killing it all night long with the DJing, getting everyone dancing, playing the PERFECT old school jams. And the importance of the right music for a night can’t be understated. Very important – and played a big role in the success of the night. People were very appreciative of him and Jon made sure to recognize his contribution during and after the event.

The Night Overview And Atmosphere

The whole night went very smooth and there was a super positive friendly vibe in the room. No fights or anything. Great seating. Great scene. It was in the basement of the Opus Restaurant giving it a secret “Cool Kids Only” type vibe that was very intriguing, walking down the stairs.

With Wreck Shop (And The Dejas) taking Opus Wednesdays (which I’ve heard amazing things about and have to check out). And now Glasshouse taking monthly fridays, maybe ProU will have to take quarterly Saturdays! (Just kidding, I don’t know how to put on events).

But seriously, I had a friend there tell me that it is packed even on Wednesdays. My friend who was telling me about how it is a really creative atmosphere where musicians of different genres blend their performances and go up sounded dope. An opera singer will come up and try to sing with a rapper doing his thing, etc. Or a clarinet player will go up while someone is doing poetry. [And I heard only positive things about The Dejas, who seem to very popular] . So I’m positive these two crowds: Glasshouse and Wreck Shop will mesh and spread positive word about each event. Had another random friend tell me has already performed at Wreck Shop Wednesdays (when it’s a fairly new event): I was like damn – it’s definitely getting out there! Because he’s not even from around close to the Salem area.

People got to act stupid all night and have a great time and that’s what it’s all about. Being carefree to start off your weekend right! The party atmosphere Jon was trying to establish was definitely there.

I was really surprised that this place was SO popular  [I didn’t know Salem was “poppin like dat” as the hipsters say] — it really is the perfect spot, for new people to come by and discover music every week. Word of mouth will just expand events like these all the time: because some people come just for a good time – others come specifically for the event. And it makes for a dope mix. I can’t wait to go back for the April Showcase – even if I wasn’t friends with Glass – one of the nicest guys of all time. Great hip hop and great people/atmosphere. Bring along a good friend and come on down for a great time. Check out the area if you haven’t been here before, you will probably be back!


Don’t miss out the next show (I believe April).

Thank you for reading! I’ll leave you with an amazing Seti song you’re sure to enjoy.

Until Next Time,
It’s Shawn Patel, CEO of @TeamProU

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