Mr. Fritz and J1K Land on Jamn 94.5 With “Feelin You” Joint

Mr. Fritz and J1K Land on Jamn 94.5 With “Feelin You” Joint

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Producers United Co-captains Mr. Fritz and J1K landed on major radio Sunday January 19th, 2014 at 10 PM. It was on The Launchpad show hosted by DJ E Dubble (he’s hosted a mixtape with Big Sean) on Jamn 94.5. This moment in history will never be forgotten by Producers United. This is thanks to his hard-working manager, Lindsey, who is a beast: as well as Fritz’s hard work — incredible freaking work ethic – and his wide appeal – he can bring 240 styles to a song. Thanks to J1K on the beat, all the fans who have supported our movements, etc. PipeDream Music Group is the name of the label Fritz is on. Shoutout to them.

His twitter started blowing up at around 10:02, 10:03 with like 30 mentions and he was like “whoa I’m not this popular”, and he checked what was going on – and he was able to catch the ending moments of the song. So he did get to hear the first time he was on the radio. Imaginably that’s an extra dope moment one never forgets. Famous rappers can always fondly remember their first time.

DJ E Dubble was really digging the whole vibe of the song, and said “Rock with it Boston!”. He loved the production: and undoubtedly J1K and Mr. Fritz make an incredible team. It’s just one of those weird circumstances that when you pair two up together that it’s like hard for them to not make a hit. And you can bet they will be releasing an EP this year. It was really an epic moment for all of us, and I felt pure joy for my man. It’s like “Wow, this is REALLY coming together…”. What a proud moment. And we can only hope for more. Thank you for tuning in to our music. We appreciate it from the bottom of hearts.

A legendary moment we won't forget.

A legendary moment we won’t forget.

Mr. Fritz is working on his next album “The Glory”. Want to keep updated? Subscribe to his YouTube – because he’s constantly dropping and working on videos this year. It will be the best year yet.

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