[Video Spotlight] Behind The Scenes With The Arcitype

[Video Spotlight] Behind The Scenes With The Arcitype

Dopeness. The music behind the man.

I present to you The Arcitype, from Boston, the head of AR Classic Records, a producer signed to the legendary Duck Down Record label – and has one of the few legit studios in Boston – The Bridge Sound & Stage Studio in Cambridge

Found out about this video thanks to Jon Glass / Colin Mitchell (Composition) of Glasshouse Studios

It’s just incredible how many instruments he picks up and plays / how fast he was able to go through the workflow – to just see a master producer and the behind the scenes that went along with that was unbelievable – makes me slightly jealous but mostly happy and in awe that this shit is possible! Leave your comments on what you thought, or just support Arc and “like” or “subscribe” to the video or channel. Much love.

I just have so much respect for this dude doing completely original music and no samples too – that’s not easy. He just thinks so fast – you can tell how intelligent he is.

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Behind The Scenes With The Arcitype"]

Written by Shawn Patel

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