[Album Spotlight] Mela Machinko – 9AM Blues

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I present to you this album “9AM Blues” by dope rising singer Mela Machinko from Brooklyn, produced by Mr. Len of the legendary Company Flow, with El-P and Bigg Jus (disbanded in the late 90s)

You can cop this smooth 8 EP banger on Bandcamp, and you can guarantee you won’t find tunes and production like this in many other places.

Here’s also a free download from the album, keeping in the holiday spirit, if you simply tweet about it.


1. My Baby

Fun, vibrant cute singing, very bluesy. I’m not used to listening to this type of music; but it gets you in a really good mood. I love this song. It sings about a little bit of a serious or emotional issue in a cool fun way, sounding real throwback. Refreshing to hear a unique voice like Mela’s

Chorus is beautiful. Good job Mela.

2. Sing

Damn that chorus was NOT what I was expecting. This song is EPIC. Her and Mr. Len clearly work great together. Super catchy. After the chorus her verse is pretty incredible also, talking about sometime how it feel nobody like a black girl. Again she can talk about serious manners in a fun soulful manner.

“All I can do is song” as she says.
I like her la DA dee la noises on this track. She’s really good at adding those singing sounds. “Money so low but the bills keep climbing”.

3. Something You Said

Oh my god this beat is epic. They sampled like my favorite beat of all time. Salute to Mr Len and Mela. Mela you put an amazing new twist on this song. I was not expecting this vibe. A slightly Mary J-bligish vibe on this. Super dope! Emotional and strong. I think you’re quickly becoming one of my favorite singers, Mela! So creative

Definitely one of my favorite cuts from the album

4. Brooklyn Blues (ft Skyzoo)

Damn her voice is SO strong on this one from the beginning. I was impressed as soon as I heard it.

Beat on this is ridiculous. Perfect for Mela I think. Beautiful. “Baby. Please be good to me”. So soulful.

Skyzoo kills it as usual. These two make a REALLY dope team. Skyzoo delivers his voice beautifully on this track perfectly matching the beat. Dude really went in on this. You can tell he took this track very seriously and wanted to bring the best he could. Being from Brooklyn too I’m sure he wanted to represent well. Salute to Mela, Sky, and Len.

5. Employment

I think this is the epitome of the 9am blues haha! The entire feeling and the singing/vibe. The lyrics: I need money! The sample on this is crazy. A classic sample. I love Mr Len for how he goes deep and left field with the samples. Some of the sounds used later on in this track are nuts

This would be really good for a movie soundtrack, intro scene or something before a certain eventful or funny scene. Would work dope. SO soulful.

6. Trying Something New

I’m liking this beat and vibe from the beginning. I hope she kills it. I think she will kill it. This beat is perfect for Mela.

Okay shh she’s singing.

Reaction: DANG! Go ahead Mela! I’m loving this. You need to sing as crazy as you can on this track: these are the ones you can REALLY shine on.

Enjoyed this song. Nice turnaround transition from “Employment”. Love the line “ever since I was a child I had a dream I was free”. Very freeing song: it makes you feel like you can do anything you put your mind to. Would be a fun song to dance to with a real close friend and just go nuts.

7. Living

Getting that Michael Jackson vibe at the beginning of this beat! People need to remake that vibe more often. Thriller! I remember back when MJ was dropping hits and his beats were REALLY fun! Don’t know why people stopped making beats like that.

This is a fun track. I haven’t heard a poor track on this album. Quite impressive. You know she only releases something if its quality. Salute to Len & Mela.

8. Killit ft Vandalyzm (produced by Vandalyzm).

Damn Vandalyzm brings a real cool vibe to this with his unique rap talking and production. Production is absolutely freakig ridiculous. And he knows how to make a catchy song. I really respect people with multiple talents and he should be proud of this production

When mela comes on that verse I’m like damn. Gets you crazy excited! Sexy vibe on it. Throwback feel too. “Give the people what they want. Then give them some more”. That’s what’s up! This is really a “baller anthem”. Great combo these two make with Vand on the beat

Producers United Verdict:

Really fun album, so damn creative. I’m not used to hearing this type of creativity. I was talking to my friend and I told him that back when MJ was releasing hits beats were fun. He was like “yea i was more interested in the soul/funk/disco era”. I can tell why. It’s so much more creative than the pop and radio junk we hear.

Mela shows why she is someone who deserves to be heard. I’m super glad I heard about this. And a big thank you to Skyzoo for talking about the album/essentially referring his twitter fanbase including myself to check out the album, cause otherwise I wouldn’t have known about the album or Mela. Mela also has an amazing feature on the Intro of Sky’s latest album “AOTRD” (an ode to reasonable doubt) which we also reviewed.

Here’s the track with Sky and Mela, produced by Antman Wonder on the AOTRD album:

Standout Tracks:

My Baby, Something You Said, Employment, Killit, Sing

Pretty much the whole album I like each different song for different reasons

Keep up with her on Twitter, she’s a great person and loves interacting with her fans. Also keep up with Mr. Len, who seems like a class act!

Signing Off,
Its ya boy Shawn P of @TeamProU
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Mela Machinko – 9AM Blues"]

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