[Industry Mover Spotlight] Jon Glass: The Heart and Soul of Glasshouse Productions

Marco Loco Jon Glass Glasshouse Productions

Big heart. Big smile. Smart. Hard-working.

Six words that encompass a man with two words in his name: Jon + Glass. (Pictured above on the right, with Marco Loco).

He’s making Massachusetts proud.

Ask anyone in his team and they will tell you Jon Glass is one man who deserves to be recognized, and is SO underrated as a producer. I will also share a personal story and insight from team member Token (one of the brightest kids I know) on how Jon has inspired him, later on in the article.

This six-word formula is the one that top movers have that seems to be helping Mass get out of its shell and recognized to their full potential. He is passionate and is creating ideas that are revolutionizing and bringing together our community. This is essentially a community spotlight. Because business is something separate.

When you put together a bright mind, though, with someone who is compassionate (like Glass): then your business is WORTH highlighting, and people can SEE you CARE. And people spread the word. When you are humble, you associate and attract the right people around you: and those people make SURE you get your due credit: because they owe much of their success to you. I can confidently say that I, in addition to his entire team, are constantly inspired by this man who carries himself so competently. Ssalg Noj backwards is a wonderful dude.

So then it is not a surprise I am very ecstatic to announce that we have this man: founder of Glasshouse Productions under our spotlight today. He is the first in Producers United’s series of Industry Movers that we will spotlight here in Massachusetts. It was not something planned. We just wanted to spotlight a good person and realized this could be a segment, too. So this is thanks to Jon as well.

Glasshouse Productions

Glasshouse is a team of 12 members consisting of artists, producers, designers, etc. They consist of Jon, Balance, J’You, Mic Stylz, Token, Composition, Du-Karan, Ediquette, Muse The Rockwell, Biz, Joey B, and Trey Peace.

Long-time friend and leader of the Wreck Shop and Hoodies for The Homeless movement, Justice Born, says “Jon is one of the most solid, personable and talented producers I’ve had the pleasure of working with”.

Token on Jon

“You rarely see someone who is talented, smart, AND very nice, and he’s like the definition of all three”, Token says. “He literally makes me step my manners because he’s just a great person to other people”

Token tells the story about how they met up and how Jon discovered himself and Composition at a very unpolished stage, yet that didn’t deter Jon because of his big heart.

“Even our story of meeting up was inspiring. He heard my and Composition’s tape and saw potential but in reality it was evident we didn’t know what we were doing back then. Horrible quality and OK rhymes. But he never had a mentor when he was young to show him the ropes so he decided he wanted to set us on the right path. But over time, as we grew, he believed in us enough to be part of the group. Also every time I’m on the phone with him he always wants to hear how my grades are. Same thin with Colin”


“On another note, a lot of people don’t know how hard he works. He gives FREE beats to everybody in Glasshouse and STILL makes beats for tons other people and works. Also he’s literally the mastermind behind everything that is Glasshouse”, Token says.

“He puts everything together and keeps everybody devoted. And dude can make a beat for ANYONE. Anything from country to trap.”

Big Things Coming

Some of the big features and projects coming up he has, a lot of producers wish they could get – but it is a product of his hard work and years of dedication, networking, and most importantly being a genuine dude. I’ve heard some of the news and it is easy to say Jon Glass will be a household name in Massachusetts in 2014.

The stars he is working with including REKS, Termanology, Slaine, and many others I can’t name are going to appear on his next project. I’m very happy for him. The project he has coming up is probably the best-planned one I’ve heard about from Massachusetts: and it could blow up pretty incredibly. It’s not your average project, so get ready. It gets me very excited and happy for him and the state. He deserves it.

Peep the feature he did with REKS and C-Scharp

Don’t Forget About Balance: Jon’s Super Dependent Sidekick

If you ask Token about one underrated aspect and contribution to the Glasshouse team and Jon, he would say it would be that of Balance The Undiscovered Bum.

Token points out and mentioned to me specifically that: “People should know that Balance works really hard and doesn’t get a lot of recognition but he’s also an amazing producer and is always in the booth with Jon”

I’ve met Balance and I believe that, and as well, that he is a really kind and dedicated dude. Also quite a funny, playful (nohomeoh) guy. I know he keeps the team energized. I also know how important it is to have that guy you can always count on, to push you, to give ideas and brainstorm with on things together. Big salute to him

Glasshouse Team Music Spotlight (All Produced by Jon)

I will end of the post by posting a couple tracks by Jon, featuring Glasshouse artists/affiliates.

#1 Patrick Starr – Hello Morning (which was featured on Kevin Nottingham).

Starr is a close-working affiliate and great guy.


#2 The D.A – Ease My Mind ft Boof Kid

This beat blows my mind. When I told him that, he was like “Hell yeah, I love that 90s hip hop sound!”

REAL HIP HOP. 90S IN YOUR EARSSSSS! I feel like every time I listen to one of his beats I am being transported to the soulful 70s or the boombap 90s. It features an incredible Common sample, and the whole beat sounds flawless, and I’ve listened to the track a million times because of that. The D.A  (consisting of Ediquette / Biz / Jon ) also has a video for this beat.

#3 J’You – So Apparent

This song is so damn catchy. And the beat freaking KNOCKS. You don’t hear MANY producers like this! And this is an example of when I hear Token saying “He is one of the most underrated”: I think of beats like this. This is an example of Jon separating himself from the pack. Wow! And Jon always has amazing things to say about J’You. He admires his skill to a super high degree, and they are going to go far together! Song just hit 1000 plays too.

Do Mass a favor and share this article or one of Jon’s songs with a friend! I have a lot of respect for him. Much love. Thank you!


Keep up with Glasshouse Team’s SoundCloud Page to stay updated with their music!

Extra Glasshouse Updates: Don’t forget to check out Trey Peace of Glasshouse’s newly released album “Nostalgic” (it just released today in honor of his dad and I’m loving it. It would mean a lot for him if you gave it a listen. It’s emotional, real, and a very easy listen)

Check out Joey Barbieri’s “Closer 2 Closure” album, and he’s working on “Even Closer 2 Closure”. Also check out long-time music veteran Mic Stylz page, who is working on his next album “A Little More Time”. Stay tuned for Token’s MUCH anticipated “Mindstate” tape dropping likely in December. He’s in the 9th grade and absolutely incredible, tearing it up on YouTube. Composition’s tape should be dropping early 2014, a ridiculous sophomore with a raw hard-hitting rap voice, maturing fast. From what I’ve heard on the projects he’s doing, it’s definitely the best work I’ve heard from him. Glasshouse is taking over. And it all started with Jon. And just imagine the young high school kids who Jon mentored, Token and Comp in five years.


Billy Bob Thornton Friday Night Lights

When I was in the Glasshouse Studio (twice), I felt like he was so inspiring when he would be forwarding his messages to the team. It felt like we were in an NFL locker-room and he was rallying us all to make us make something happen, and make us realize we were doing something good. You always come out of Jon’s studio feeling determined.

Glasshouse Team

This speech video by Billy Bob from “Friday Night Lights” affected me so much:

Jon is the Coach Gary Gaines to Glasshouse. The Phil Jackson. The Mastermind. This is literally something Jon would say, changing the football terminology to music. Why? Cause he’s a good guy.

“Being perfect is not about that scoreboard (top 40 billboard) out there, Team Glasshouse. It’s not about winning (getting dope features, or a lot of plays). It’s about you and your relationship with yourself, your family and your friends. Being perfect is about being able to look your friends in the eye and know that you didnt let them down because you told them the truth. And that truth is you did everything you could. There wasnt one more thing you could’ve done. Can you live in that moment as best you can, with clear eyes, and love in your heart, with joy in your heart? If you can do that gentleman – you’re perfect!”

So be good to your family, and be a good person: because Jon would want that, to make this world a better place.

Jon Glass & Team Social Links:
Twitter || Facebook || Glasshouse Fan Page || SoundCloud

Signing Off,
Its ya boy Shawn P of @TeamProU

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Jon Glass: The Heart and Soul of Glasshouse Productions"]

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