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I’d like to spotlight a super-talented blogger and someone who has been giving a LOT of love to Mr. Fritz and the entire Producers United team. We appreciate it big-time. Her name is Miracle LeRoy, and she is a very authentic person who bears the very definition of what it means to be a TRUE fan of hip hop. She genuinly cares about the artists she supports and is actively searching for music that will touch her and needs to be put on the spotlight. This is what the blogging world needs more of. More miracles.

Her website “The Illixer” About page I found pretty inspiring, reads:

There is no question that the Hip Hop industry is not even close to what it used to be. The quality of the mainstream has been on the decline for a while now. But not all mainstream artists have fallen off the wagon. And the underground and independent Hip-Hop scenes are alive and thriving with all types of slept on talent. So welcome to The Illixer. A place where REAL Hip-Hop shines and everything else gets BURIED. (I Love that). So sit back, relax, and enjoy the return of TRUE Hip Hop.

She really has a purpose. And when you have a purpose, it shows through your writing, your passion, your drive, and nothing can stop you. I know big things are in store for her. Please do her a favor and check out some of the articles on her blog, I know she has a dope taste for music (evidenced by her really digging our music, hehe)

Miracle began her writing career at the age of 13, through poetry. Her love of writing and music inspired her to pursue a career in Journalism in 2004 at Marquette. (I love how the passion has been aligned for so long. She has also written for the Milwaukee Examiner: as their Hip Hop Scene Examiner.

She also enjoys browsing the information super highway (me too). We have a lot in common. (she also enjoys watching cartoons). As you can she is not your typical hip hop journalist but is definitely one to watch.

Reach out to Miracle via the About contact page. The page says “Don’t be shy, she loves hearing from people”

And that’s totally true^. She really is friendly. Most bloggers I feel are pretty cryptic or hard to reach, but that’s just my perception. Usually when you reach out it’s pretty fun to chop it up with them, and they have a LOT of insight into the music world and other things, of course. There is no air of arrogance about her or anything. She posted our music because she is a true fan, nothing else, and that tells you what type of person she is. Not many bloggers would say something like “Send me more of your music! I’m excited to see what you guys have in store and need more”. That’s how I knew she was special, and why I wanted to do a spotlight on her.

I do wish more of our bloggers can come together, and maybe this can start the train.

Beyond that, what really stood out was the detail she put into her posts. Mr. Fritz was like “Damn, that’s the longest writeup someone’s done on the song [Feelin You]. Thank you”. And it feels good when someone goes into that much detail.

Miracles do happen.

Her Social Links:
Facebook || Blog Contact || Twitter ||

Signing Off,
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Miracle LeRoy of The Illixer"]

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