[Artist Spotlight] Aisling Peartree


I’d like to spotlight the most soulful artist I know and a really GHN (genuine humble nice) person by the name of Aisling Peartree (pronounced Ash*leen*)

First of all, here’s a video by her with Stykks Zukonya called “Come To Me”, I’m super obsessed with this song from the dope vocals to the production by Shyne Beats. The vocals fit the mellow production perfectly. I’m on about the 8th continuous play of the video, directed by BD3 Films.

Also check out one of, or maybe my favorite song of hers called “End Of Story” with RAVING reviews on SoundCloud: many people applauding her soul. The amazingly soulful beat was produced by familiar Mass veteran Termanology, and Moose.

She did an amazing rendition of this song live at the recent Wreck Shop “Formula Showcase” event (the All-Female Showcase put on by Justice Born this past September 16th), and she’s a must-see live! She puts it all out there!

I love that lyric about not giving out second chances. You can feeeeeel the pain and emotion in this song! “I wasn’t born yesterrrrrrrrrday. Nothing can surprise me”. Love it! I’m telling you: you gotta see her live.

And here’s another beautiful song she did “You Never Told Me”. Directed by Dante Luna. As one of the commenters said “This song REALLY struck a cord”. I think this one will strike a cord with a lot of people.

From her Blog she eloquently writes:

I want my songs to help people the way they helped me. They were single-handedly my therapy and my means for recovering from some of the most difficult things in my life. I believe our music can help others. Often that help is in bringing people joy. Music makes people happy, and some of us feel we are here to spread joy through song. At least I do. I know for some singers it’s more about entertainment and image. But i would argue that’s not what it’s all about. Not competition, awards, number of Youtube views or Instagram likes, not creating an image that will sell us to the masses. It is about finding the beauty in our pain and in our joy, and putting it into song form. That’s what I live for.

-Aisling Peartree


She’s an artist that gives it all in her tracks and does it straight for the passion. We need more people like her.

Find her on her links below:

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Signing Off,
Its ya boy Shawn P of @TeamProU

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Aisling Peartree"]

Written by Shawn Patel

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