Artist Spotlight – Lonney(s)


Now to completely change the playing field on what’s posted.  Producers United appreciates all forms of music regardless of genres.
This artist has a wide arrays of sounds and textures on display. This artist goes by the name of Lonney (s) – an experimental artist from Canada who has a sound range that’s vastly diverse ranging from tracks from the 90’s era of MS-DOS gaming mixed with defiant electric guitars to immensely fast paced blazing riffs with such swift transitions between tempos it feels like a journey to experimental abstract compositions utilising the smallest of sounds and placing them on a larger than life scale.

Here are some of my personal favourites.

Lonney (s) Facebook Page:

Lonney (s) Bandcamp featuring his Neem Yogan Ali EP :

I hope you enjoyed that for now, It’s MisterrCha signing off, till next time.

Take Care

Producers United

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