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Tonight, inspiring the first edition of Producers United MISSPELLED “Killer Kliques Wednesday” series, we bring you a group from MARBLEhead Massachusetts: named LETHAL PEOPLE ONE DAY (LPOD). I will just present to you a cypher video by them, by this talented young team repping Glasshouse Productions. 


1) Token
2) Composition
3) Trey Peace
4) Hope
5) Dayo (filmographer)

All four rappers of the group go to Marblehead High (Token 9th, Composition 10th, and Trey Peace + Hope being juniors). This is such a lethal combination, knowing they will be together in a creative environment until the Summer of 2015.

I was talking to a friend, and I compared this video, because how well-crafted the entire song/cypher went together, to Black Hippy’s “Zip That Chop That“, which featured them switching off roles in the song almost flawlessly. It was pretty dope, but LPOD’s Freeverse cypher brought it to another level for me. I also compared Token to the Kendrick Lamar of LPOD.

And my friend pointed out something really pointedly about Ben aka Token: that when he’s rapping you really take your attention off everything and really just focus on Token rapping (even if you have A.D.D like me): she said this:

Yikes, based on these two videos [Black Hippys Zip That Chop That vs LPOD’s FreeVerse Cypher] if you asked me Ben vs Kendrick, I’d have to go with B. – B has all K has but with an added explosive energy that forces the listener to pay attention. I’m always doing like 4 different things when I’m online and when B starts going in I noticed I kept stopping everything else to really listen to what he was saying.

So true. I strongly believe that if they had the same fanbase/opportunity that Black Hippy has, this video would have 1 million views too, and not 1000. This deserves MUCH more attention. And their loyal fans realize these dudes skills, and are always trying to share their stuff with friends. They have an amazingly bright future; because they are humble kids, working hard. All four rappers have different styles that mesh together very nicely, and having Dayo on their side: this group is unstoppable. Especially along with their Glasshouse affiliation, and Producers United is behind them as well.

Reach them on Twitter: Dayo The Genius, Token, Trey Peace, Composition, Hope
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Signing Off,
It’s your boy Shawn P of @TeamProU

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– Lethal People One Day (LPOD)"]

Written by Shawn Patel

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