[Video Spotlight] Letia Larok – Ambition


I’d like to present a video by a very talented artist I just met who a lot of people in the area look up to, Letia Larok, on her video “Ambition”. Her songs typically have a very inspirational quality to them, and she’s a very polished artist. Be on the look out if you haven’t heard of her! A real MC.

She goes in from the beginning, on this very eery beat. I’m constantly waiting for the beat to drop with some craziness, but it stays with the simple boom-bap type for some real hip hop, and it works really well with the style she’s trying to portray on this track, with the lyrics.

Directed by Boston legend¬†The Sultan.. The instrumentation/samples on this beat are absolutely nuts. On the chorus I love her repeating “keep pushin on”. She’s definitely a role model for all the female artists in our state. She says we only have one life and we should make sure we take advantage of that! I saw her live at The Formula Showcase, hosted by Justice Born of the Wreck Shop Movement.


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Letia Larok – Ambition"]

Written by Shawn Patel

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