[Artist Spotlight] Dezi Leon


Owner of the Urbe Condita studio, and 10+ year OG of the rap game, Boston femcee Dezi Leon is the latest in the spotlight of Producers United, and for good reason. The talented emcee, producer, entrepreneur, writer, super-energetic performer and raw freestyler deserves attention from our scene! 

I was lucky enough to see her perform at The Formula Showcase in Peabody, MA at the Elks Lodge thanks to Wreck Shop Movement leader Justice Born inviting me out. She first caught my attention at the Kulturez Dynasty Freedom Cypher that occurs on the last Sunday of every month, also hosted by Justice, and her energy and passion for the game was very evident.

But it was another thing when I saw her live: I was totally shocked. It wasn’t a performance to miss at The Formula! Super energetic. She masterfully put on a passionate performance, and at the end included a freestyle using members of the audience to keep it fresh and entertaining!

Check a preview of an amazing song that she performed called “Kept On Going”. – I really loved it: lots of quotables in this one / a smooth beat behind it, with a track in which everyone can relate to the nostalgia. It’s off her upcoming project “From Me To You”, which is dropping October 15th, 2013! Find the full version of this song here on her SoundCloud. Beat produced by Claws Beats aka Christopher Stevens

I think it’s dope as she spits with mad energy in the second verse:

Twelve years later/ I am much greater/ Now these haters still hatin on me / When I ain’t got a record sold / Hated on, since I was in huggies / So no I could care less, if you really love me / Or Like me / Cause I’m more than likely / Inspiration to the game like Nike

A very relatable sensual song that caught my attention is “Lately” as she sings “I wonder … how you really feel about me” on this self-produced deep track. Very very catchy song and chorus.

Another dope song I like from her is “Blazin”, produced by General Beats


And don’t forget her Get Money anthem “No Time for Conversation” on this hard as hell beat by RawHeatz. So dope!


Want to find out more about this inspiring leader? Check out an amazing interview she did with King617

You can grab her “Aviators and F-16” mixtape on her bandcamp here. Hit her up for beats or anything else.

She even writes musical reviews, which you can check out on her tumblr! This hard worker is going far and she has high aspirations!

Social Links:
Twitter || Facebook || FB Fan Page || Urbe Condita || SoundCloud || Tumblr

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Dezi Leon"]

Written by Shawn Patel

Founder of ProU - Not sure what to write here. I like marketing. I like rapping. I like clapping. I like laughing.
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