[Artist Spotlight] Patrick Starr from Lawrence, Ma

I’d like to take the time to highlight some music from a great friendly dude from Lawrence, MA named Patrick Starr. Get familiar!

You can check out one of Patrick Starr’s crazy songs with a ridiculous sample “Hello Morning” produced by Jon Glass (an awesome producer and great dude!) I was fortunate enough to see Patrick perform this song live at the Honeypot Lounge in Seabrook, NH hosted by Rob Alpert earlier this month, where Akrobatik, Mic Stylz, Joey Barbieri, and Stiz Grimey also rocked at. Check it out.

“Hello Morning” is the first single off the long awaited debut album from Patrick Starr entitled, “Dope Beats and Fine Wine


As “Run This Game”, writes: After headlining a four state tour in December, and fresh off being featured on Slaine’s “Boston Project,” Patrick is ready to make an impact with his first official album.

I’m just LOVING the song as he spits:  “Point blank, bottom line / So consider revision over my name in dotted line / I only want what I’m worth / And that ‘s a million bucks….times a million bucks…. TIMES A MILLION BUCKS /Cause nowadays everyone who got a million SUCKS/ And i will not be put in a box as a category / Minority rapper being examined in laboratories”

I did the math on the million bucks line: and according to this line, he is worth one quintillion dollars.. thats two base levels above a trillion dollars.. NO Record label will be able to afford this amount of swag!

Don’t forget to check out one of Red Pages‘ track “Better Back Then” featuring Patrick Starr . SUPER beautiful vocals by Red Pages! Track produced by Brady of Surefire Music Group)! A dope video reminiscing on good times with a female, but ultimately realizing “we are better as friends”, but still missing the old days!

Patrick Starr Social Links
 || Twitter || SoundCloud

Jon Glass Links:
FB || FB Fan Page || Twitter || SoundCloud




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Patrick Starr from Lawrence, Ma"]

Written by Shawn Patel

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