Moe Pope & Rain’s “Let The Right Ones In” Shows You Why Moe Is One of Mass’s Most Lethal Artists

I am excited to announce I am reviewing Moe Pope & Rain‘s latest release, “Let The Right Ones In“. They comprise an amazingly talented rapper/producer duo that are continuously rising up. Recently named “Best Hip-Hop Artist of the Year” at the Boston Music Awards, Moe Pope is definitely slowly gaining the attention that he deserves (together with Rain’s help). Rain proves his dominance as its a 100% sample-free album (no worries: no preservatives or artificial additives were used in the creation of this album). You shall be inspired by the electronic and indie-rock influences he brings to the album to make it a unique musical journey.


To start it off, and get you sucked in/interested in the album: I’m going to share one of the standout video/tracks from the album: “Spit vs Ramo” ft REKS (and Dua Boakye of the Bad Rabbits on vocals). See for yourself. If you’re not impressed don’t continue through the review! I have confidence though you will enjoy it. Video directed by Mack Fisher

Favorite Tracks:

1. Gotham ft Julia Easterlin

An ethereal cool beat. Definitely a crazy way to start the album. I love it. In new Moe Pope cutting edge fashion. He’s not a rapper who wants to be boring or to be able to be put in a box. He’s the token rapper who you will never be able to put in a box.

Literally crazy vocals to compliment the track perfectly. The vocals add a crazy/scary atmosphere to the track. The buzzing sound before the track ends compliment it very well.

Check the video for the song here. I love it. Whoever directed it is a genius.

2. Meet Joe Black

Definitely a cool transition from the first track to this one, on a dope as hell beat. Feeling like a rock-style type beat first then becomes Mario-Kartish and bounces back and forth. Mad cool and the flow is dope. Super props to Rain on the beat.

This album is super unique so far. I’m loving it already: 3 minutes into the album! That’s crazy! Moe’s always on some upper level material ish.

The second time hearing this song I love it even more. The amazing story within this song will DEFINITELY reel you in. This song by itself will show you why Pope separates himself from 99% of rappers; that would not be able to pull off a song like this. That’s just the truth. Where does he come up with this stuff? Really close off everything you have going on in the world while you listen to this song. You will love it. One of my favorite tracks if not my favorite from the album. I ask you to really close your eyes and listen to the story and the imagery in this song, to really feel it.

An example of the dope imagery:
She couldn’t swim but couldn’t hold the emotion/And tears fell when I saw her body floatin/You’ve been approached by the Angel of Death/Describing what happens to a mic in depth/Or emcee’s who wanna waste their breath/Or anybody else tryin to say they next

I think the lack of much of a chorus adds to the cool/unique trademark established so far in the album.

I would love to see a video for this song. People need to see Moe & Rain’s skills and I think this is the perfect song to have a video along with.

6. Breathe / Bleed ft Rain (Produced by Headnodic, Rain)

Double beat here. Rain shares production credits with Headnodic: who does the first half of the beat, and Rain the second. Dope 1st half of the beat, perfect for Moe Pope I think to SMACK on. Digging the flow as well.

Second half of this song is classic. The lines he used were featured in the 12 for 12 Boston Cypher. I highly recommend checking the video, showing a lot of solid Boston talent: and Moe really does his thing. Very relaxing and cool track as he finishes up his verse. He seems to just keep on going, gas tank on full. Was weird to hear Rain rap, but don’t quit Rain: yolo.

7. Spit Vs. Ramo ft REKS and Dua Boakye (of Bad Rabbits)

Oh god, you know how I feel about this track! Oh god. If you haven’t checked out the video yet you’re missing out.

Love his delivery/message as he spits:
You know that Nas told ya, that the World Is Yours, if you want that. Go get it. I keep the gun cocked back when you spit it. Cause this is the poem that been thrown through the mics through the likes of tonight we should feel it. feel it. feel it. feel it.” Make sure you listen to the non-video version too because there’s an extra Moe verse in it.

Dua presents some beautiful singing. When you first hear the song, you see Moe delivers with some craziness for a lengthy time and you think it’s going to be REALLY hard to top, but then REKS comes in with what I believe is one of the best verses of 2013. And luckily a video for the song makes the song live in our minds even longer. Love EVERYTHING about this song, all 3 features AND the production. In fact I like it so much, I’m going to link the same video in the same post for the SECOND TIME. I want you to study this video and watch it FIVE times to suck in all the beautiful knowledge/skill in it. I am not crazy, just easily inspired by music.

(Also I agree with the top commenter: REKS and Moe Pope need to do a collab album. That ish will be beautiful. Check REKS recently-released album, in the meantime, Revolution Cocktail for an awesome mix of REKS songs. Producers United also did a review on it here a couple days prior.

Track 8: Loud Enough ft John Robinson

Loving the sampled voice on this one. Dope beat. It says it’s a 100% sample-free album though: so I guess I have to say “I love the recorded vocals scratched onto the track at the beginning of the song?” How is that not sampled? That’s so crazy. Definitely vibing with the song, a good job by John Robinson.

(Moe is absent on this track)

Track 9: Sunday Morning ft Tea Leigh

Beautiful track. Teas vocals match the beat perfectly. Very sophisticated sound, different singing than you usually hear: and a perfect intro with those vocals humming.

It’s an amazing beat as it goes off on its own the last 30 seconds or so.

Moe is also absent on this one. But cool idea I think of including these last two tracks on the album. Maybe it’s about “letting the right ones in” right?; they certainly did a good job of picking features, an area which most artists seem to be deficient in. They definitely found unique creative artists to bounce off their own unique creative style.

Check out the dual video for Sunday Morning // Cocaine.  Cocaine is off a future track Moe Pope will be releasing, prod. by Arcitype off their upcoming STLGOLD album. You won’t regret watching this one. It’s been getting heavy blog attention for good reason

Track 10: Pressure ft Casso 

One of the heaviest beats of the album easily on that intro. Liked hearing the beat switch up and Casso’s heavy voice on it. I also love Casso’s verse on the 12 for 12 cypher. Another underrated Boston talent that I hope blows up.

I like the atmosphere Casso paints as he raps: “The more I learn the closer I get to suicide/But let’s keep that between you and I”. And the beat goes back into a spiral as he heads into the latter part of his verse with some cool effects/tricks by Rain as usual.

Track 11: Buhboom

One of my favorite tracks and another nice transition from the last track and an absolutely crazy beat. I’m digging Moe’s verse and flow from the very beginning in this one. SUPER catchy chorus and voice effects on it. “I’m shooting hoes in your back back back back back back back back back”. BUHBOOM! BUHBOOM! BUHBOOM! *Gunshot Noise and Screams*. Love how he says “Boom boom. Welcome to my Haiku”. Not something most rappers would say. Haiku is too high vocabulary for most rappers. BUHBOOM!

Moe Murderer kills it as he recites:
Who the fuck is Moe Pope/Trust me he is no joke/Not the one to fuck with/ Even with the tight pants and hat turned up with/Might be on the drugs but/He be soundin nice too/Almost like his vocals is givin a verbal kung-fu/Half donnie and half Donnie Walberg/Project kid kickin an African proverb“. Goddamn. Super respect to Moe.

You need to listen to this song. Trust me when I say this song is absolutely NUTS when you hear it live.

Pay close attention to the second verse too, please… one of the best verses from the album in my opinion! WOOH. Could listen to this song a hundred times.

Track 13: Glory (Produced by The Arcitype)

Heavy as hell beat. Moe matches the heaviness like a surfer on some water, baby. Watch him tear the beat to shreds and leave it begging for mercy as he spits part of his versey: “Smooth as chinchilla skin, comes Godzilla. Clock him. Tick tick time ain’t stoppin. Keep your head boppin often. Keep knockin. Boom Boston with bitterness. Floodin your campaign. Lady in the front row guzzlin my champagne. Headliners hatin cause they know I’m the champ-yane

It’s another song you must listen to immediately. Just let the whole BandCamp album play through. Really though. And make sure you go and see a Moe Pope concert because it’s one of the best local concert experiences you can get; especially in the hip-hop arena. As he spits so candidly on Spit Vs Ramo “Rock shows heavily/So when I’m done some of you people remember me

The second verse is absolutely massacre too.

Track 14: Annie Mulz ft Ceschi 

Love the line “This is not for the fame, but we need money to live”. Amen Moe. Another sweet classic Moe-type of song.

Crazy effect on the chorus. Love his choruses. It’s very rock-ish. Unique, not like most rap choruses: not corny, cliche, or anything. Him, Chris Talken, and his fans ALWAYS go nuts during his choruses at his concerts, and this is the craziest perfect chorus example where you could see the circustry unfold. I highly recommend going to one. After you go to one, though I warn you, you will want to go them all. (I saw him at the Middle East in June, and can’t wait to see him again). Rare to see concerts with that much energy in Boston. So salute to him. He’s helping creating a different atmosphere in Boston.

Watch the video here. Warning: the video is pretty cool. 69 likes. 0 dislikes.

Track 15: Lately feat. Dua Boakye (of Bad Rabbits)

Love Duas vocals in the background of the intro. That shit is on some epic Lion King, Phil Collins-vocals type-shit dawg.

I like the transition from the previous beat, and the kinda smooth jazzy feel of this beat. It’s a reminiscent type nostalgic-vibe presented on this beat combined with the lyrics. Love the Dua vocals mixed in with some angry voices on the chorus, as Dua sings “What have you done for me lately.. oooh ahh… lately… ooooh.. lately”

Enjoyed as the beat went off on it’s own at the end as well

Track 16: Lift Off

Another dope transition. I now pronounce Rain the master of transitions. You will see what I mean. I understand transitions, and he’s super-super-super good at them. Moe starts up this song with mad energy and it’s the perfect delivery for this song. Mad excited. I can picture him jumping up and down while performing this song. You can tell from the very beginning of this song that it’s going to be a dope one. Probably the most fun track of the album.

Love the whole message about “My momma told me to be real”, not being a zombie in a cubicle, all the way up til advice about dropping baby-momma drama. Definitely lots of replay value.

Very catchy chorus as he pronounces, “You in my pressure cooker / This is a backbreaker / We’re alive in the sky / Float  if you wanna go get / High, High, High” And the voice effects add a dose of extra awesomeness to the beat. One of the best choruses of the year IMO I’ve heard from hip hop artists.

This is the song that while listening up to this point for me solidified maybe it being the best Mass album of the year. This song def solidified the fact for me though that this is a classic album of 2013.

Track 17: Banana Bread

I hate to repeat myself, but ANOTHER AWESOME TRANSITION. And a dope, catchy beat with it’s electronic influences.  Love his lazy delivery/voice on this track – fits it so perfectly. One of the coolest beats on the album – you can really appreciate all the subtleties of it Rain added on to it. He’s a crazy mofe. Respect to him.

Moe definitely not disappointing on this one. TON of quotables on this track (the intro first 8 lines is super-dope for example, to reel you in). Catchy sick chorus too. “Don’t give a fuck about what they say. Tell em me and Rain are here to stay. Stayin fly like this every day

Moe spits sickly also as he rips: “My mom’s trippin / My pops is cryin from what surrounds him / And those who hate me / I hope they crumble, and die a / Thousand deaths to em“. Another very fun track with a lot of replay value.

I can definitely understand, from listening to this album how perfect Rain and Moe are for each other and how much they must appreciate each other. Definition of chemistry. Would be fun to watch this duo making hits in the lab, and you kind of get a peek at that in the Spit Vs Ramo vid.

Track 18: The Last Song ft Chris Talken, Jake Mehrmann (of Tan Vampires), & Lady Lamb the Beekeeper

This is emotional because I don’t want the CD to end.
Nice beat for an outro type song.

Moe comes out with the proper lyricism from the very beginning of the song.

Thinkin of puttin my neck inside of a tightrope“. Heavy imagery by Moe. Gotta love his imagery, as usual.

Lady Lamb comes out with some spooky singing at the end, another guest appearance you have to respect. Very eery background vocals too. I think this is another song that would make a dope as hell spooky video, like Gotham, but potentially EVEN cooler.

Moe kills it, spitting: “Fuckers hitting their ladies/Babies having their babies/For government checks/ Techs sit in the hands / Of those runnin the block /  Where they pedal the rock / But they reppin the block / But they shootin the block / So they callin the cops / They settin their watch/  They’re part of the problem“. I like him ending his verse with the Nas line “It ain’t hard to tell” reverberating.

Favorite Tracks/Ones with the Most Replay Value:
Meet Joe Black / Breathe + Bleed / Spit Vs. Ramo / Buhboom / Glory / Annie Mulz / Lift Off / Banana Bread

Producers United Verdict:

Highly enjoyed this album/the extra attention it required in order to review it. Moe does a fantastic job and I consider it one of the best albums of 2013, and potentially the best Mass Hip Hop album of the year. The production on this album is super-solid as well as the features. Something many artists seem to lack in: picking solid features.

On top of that, Moe is a great dude. I had the pleasure of meeting him at Church Boston, in May 2013, when he was supporting some of his fellow Boston artists: a very genuine dude whom which I am proud that he is rocking the same state that I am in. It’s always pleasurable to see humility and a down-to-earth character in one of your favorite talented artists. Prior to this meet I had not really met any of my favorite artists: but now I am not afraid after that good experience haha.

Support REAL Mass Hip Hop and grab the album! You can also get a pretty dope special-edition vinyl record of it on Bandcamp (An exclusive LP pressing issued on a unique 2 tone colored record – split transparent and opaque blood red vinyl) as it is described.

And the last thing I suggest you do is checking out one of my favorite videos from him “Rock Me”. It’s a classic: if you love real hip hop, you will love this. Also if you liked this album, you will love Depeche Moe, possibly my favorite Moe album, along with this one.

Here’s the video for Rock Me: Enjoy.

Signing off,

Its your boy.
Shawn P of @TeamProU

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