Producer Spotlight: EZDread

I’d like to spotlight a producer I had the pleasure to meet recently: EZDread, AKA Katii Tornick, from Roxbury, MA (originally Connecticut). She was a 4-year veteran DJ of the WERS hip hop radio program based out of Emerson, and helped develop it. RIP to that venue for hip hop: but when one avenue closes another opens. We do still have UNRegular Radio and I believe there’s a spot for another popular Boston Hip Hop podcast to open now.


See her website here – shes also a photographer and a singer, recently being heavily featured in REKS latest album Revolution Cocktail.

I’d like to feature two main songs from her:  A Termanology freestyle from hosting WERS. Termanology just bodies the beat: prob one of my fav materials I’ve seen Term on. I made sure to show my friends this freestyle – as a lot of people need to recognize Mass talent – and this EZDread beat perfectly fits Term’s style. Make sure to hit her up on twitter to give her big ups to her on it if you enjoyed.

#1 Termanology Freestyle on WERS Radio

#2 Moe Pope: “Get Up”

The second song I’d like to feature is probably my favorite Massachusetts rapper: Moe Pope, on the song “Get Up” by EZDread. Don’t forget to check out his latest album, “Let The Right Ones In“, produced by Rain. It’s super unique and you won’t regret checking out that album. On this song, we have a classic Moe Pope flow on a super super dope beat with a crazy sample on it, as well as a catchy chorus. You got to give props to EZ on this one.

Also you can check out her production on REKS new album, like this song “Forrest Gump“: Warning: the beats HEAVY.

She also produced the last record of the Revolution album, “Forever ERA” ft JTronius. Pretty dope atmosphere on the beat, another song you don’t want to miss.

Thank you for checking out this rising producer, originally from Connecticut!

EzDread links
Twitter || SoundCloud || Website || FaceBook

Signing off,
It’s ya boy Shawn P of @TeamProU

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