Bombing Beatsdaily Review – by MisterrCha

Bombing BeatsDaily Cover
Bombing BeatsDaily Review by MisterrCha

Bombing Beatsdaily Released August 9th by Beatsdaily

Bombing Beatsdaily is Beatsdaily‘s first beattape released under
Producers United including a collection of 20 hip hop instrumentals,
all varied with a wide range of sample choices and instrumentation used;
from uplifting horns to James Brown esque sounding guitars to adrenaline
pumping strings there’s sure to be something for you on this tape if you’re an artist that’s for sure or even if you’re not they’re still fantastic to listen too.

The beat-tape’s production style is mostly traditionalist boom-bap mixed with basslines
reminiscent of the late J. Dilla and soul samples chopped in a fashion evocative of Kanye West beats from The Blueprint Era and Be era (album for Common)
in conjunction with un-quantized drum programming this will be heavenly
for old-school hip hop lovers and diversity of instrumentation to keep the new-school
of fans interested, ultimately satisfying both audiences.

This beat-tape clocks in about a fair 74 minutes and from the first few seconds
introduce you to a larger than life world of reverb pianos and closes in a similar
fashion. However one aspect of the beat-tape which solidifies it’s greatness
is the cohesiveness throughout each track and it’s transitions to the next song
being very smooth and without fault.

This is a beattape that needs to be listened in it’s entirely to truly appreciate the magnitude of effort in hand-crafting each instrumental.

Personal Favourites –
Head In The Clouds, With Love From Brazil, Let Go Style, Samples in my Pocket, Star, Outro.

Listen to the beattape in it’s entirety here:

Thank you for reading.


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Written by MisterrCha


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