Interview with Maximilian Stacks-A-Billion

By: Chet Washington: Attorney at Cool

MAX's Big Break medium

CWAC: So, Mr. Stacks-A-Billion –

MS: Please, call me Mr. Maximilian Stacks-A-Billion

CWAC: So, Stacks, What can you tell the readers about your new album?

MS: Well, I like to think of it as a coming-of-age story. It’s the classic tale of retribution, rags-to-riches success, and some serious beats. We’ve got production  from The Savage on there, I know a lot of people out here really fucks with him. Plus I’ve got JS-Paperstax as the Co-Star. I’ve known him since we were kids. Plus we have Sterling $ilver, umm, lets see, Cashis Cray, Dough snatcher, and umm, Theodore Thunderbiceps makes an appearance as well.

CWAC: So, It’s reminiscent of Raekwon’s Only Built For Cuban Linx…. in a way? In terms of structure?

MS: Yeah you could say that there are some similar elements, but It’s really a whole different animal. The goal of this project was to tell a compelling story from start to finish.

CWAC: hm. So what was your inspiration behind the album? I’ve heard it’s somewhat autobiographical?

MS: Oh yeah, definitely. The entire story is based on true events. Basically, there was a guy in my and JS’s hometown, we’ll call him Mike G. He became a total dick-chode-douche practically overnight, and so me and JS went out to show him that we could do just as well as he could, you know? We just wanted to bring him down to earth.

CWAC: So this was a really personal project for you?

MS: Well I mean, lets just say once MG found out about it, he told me that if I used his real name on the album, he’d tell my girlfriend to make fun of me. I really can’t handle that, she’s pretty mean.

CWAC: Interesting. Did you meet your girlfriend during the events of the album?

MS: WHAT? No of course not. SHE, met ME. I don’t talk to those

CWAC: Those?

MS: Girls

CWAC: ….oh….Why not?

MS: Because they’re mean and scare me. Back to the album…

CWAC: Right, well, you have some interesting production on the album. I understand it was produced entirely by The Savage of Producers United?

MS: That’s right

CWAC: Tell me about that. Was this a collab you’d been looking forward to? And how was the creative process when making the album?

MS: Well, I mean, The Savage and I go waaay back. I mean, I’ve known him since back in high school. I was battling rappers in the hallway, pretending to be cool, he was sitting in his mom’s basement, making “beats” and pretending to be cool. We never really got along though.

CWAC: Interesting. What made you decide to work with him?

MS: Well, you know, I was just in the studio one day, and I saw him having an argument with a couple of guys from 2TrillEntertainment, and it looked like things were about to get violent. So you know, even though we weren’t friends, he’s from my town you know? So I backed him up and you know, we hit it off. I told him i was doing a project about the old days back home, and he jumped right on board. I also told him if he didn’t give me ten exclusive beats for free for my album, I’d tell his girlfriend he got beat up and she would make fun of him.

CWAC: wait, you coerced him into…producing…an album for you?


CWAC: Ok so, um, why don’t we wrap up with a message for the readers?

MS: Ok sure. When you guys buy the album, make sure you listen to it all the way through. I want you guys to sit down, stare at the wall, and listen. This is a story that needs to be told. I want everyone to see, in detail, just how cool I am.

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Written by John


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