The D.A – Preliminary Hearing E.P (Prod. Jon Glass)

The D.A (Ediquette & Biz) of Glasshouse Productions drop their long anticipated Preliminary Hearing EP. Their promo single, “Caked Up“, released earlier in August made incredible noise on SoundCloud with over 7000 plays, 400 likes, and 200 reposts. Soulful production by Jon Glass really captures the old meets new school feel the group aims to accomplish. Download the E.P here. And have a listen.

Personal Favorites: “Ease My Mind” and “Romance”. 

Listen also to Caked Up, their track that went trending on the platform.

Starving heARTIST

Art is a tangible extension of the heart. A feeling or notion inspires a person from within to create something that captivates another person’s senses. Artists are storytellers speaking their own dialect of a universal language. Their world is chock full of passion, creation and criticism.

Stalley (a rapper from Ohio) has a spirited track titled “Sticks and Stones” on his Honest Cowboy album. He raps about growing into his passion for music, overcoming his threatening surroundings and his feelings toward others doubting his own dreams. He finalizes the song with an insightful anecdote for life and inspiration:


“Afraid to play outside, but life ain’t what you live for

It’s more about putting life into your kinfolk

So don’t worry about who’s rich or been broke

Just write until your pen broke and then write it in blood

With slit veins until you pour out all of the love

Now THAT’s thug

An honest man lends an honest hand to help a strugglin’ man up

So what?”


The love he shares with family, friends and others in the struggle inspires him best. It’s not just about his heart, but theirs’ too. His reference to writing in blood only solidifies that artistry goes well beyond skin-deep. He overcame the status quo of his peers and stayed true to his calling. He raps fearlessly because he lives with conviction. Not creating art is not an option.

A person becomes an artist when they overcome hiding from the hate. Their calling in life is to celebrate the influences of their soul with works of art. When art happens it immediately becomes open for interpretation (positive or negative) to passersby. This is the breaking point between a talented individual and an artist. Now an artist may seem vulnerable for opening a window to their heart, but that’s nothing compared to the emptiness that comes from a lack of creating anything at all.

The same notion that inspires an artist can drain them when not acted upon. A bad or flaccid attitude is a result of misguided passion (maybe even ignored passion.). It’s like what happens to Animal (from The Muppets) when he’s not playing the drums…

It’s dangerous, really. There is a rather large number of people out there losing themselves to the throws of society. It is guaranteed self-implosion giving into what others say, rather than living from within and stretching the soul.

Renowned artist and soul-searcher, Anne Truitt said it best, “We are artists because we are ourselves.”

Scotty J. ~ If you find yourself daydreaming of some alternate universe (of words, ideas, imagery, music, deliciousness, etc.) take the leap and create your vision. Modest Mouse said, “If you keep going straight, you’ll end up where you were. The universe is shaped exactly like the earth.”, so don’t be afraid to traverse. Do it for yourself first. Then when you’re ready, don’t share it…. just set it free. Believe in yourself!!


STLGLD Hits 1000 Followers

A duo  that has been making incredible noise in the Northeast scene is STLGLD: consisting of Boston-based BMA award winning emcee “Moe Pope” and The Arcitype of the renowned Duck Down Music. Congratulations on the two for hitting 1000 followers on SoundCloud: they are currently touring around the East Coast, and they aren’t a group to miss.

They’ve just released their album “My Monday Morning Music” and have no plans to slow down. They just had their newest video “Again” featured on 2DopeBoyz. Check out a video they directed below , off their album, for “PNYBOY The Hustler” to see their artistic vision

Fat P & Damn Ricky Drop “2 Steppin”: Fun 90s Reminiscent Track

Fat P (rapping) & Damn Ricky (on the production) drop “2 Steppin” (90′s Baby), an upbeat fun track, reminiscent of the 90s. The duo are high-energy cousins – who brought the ruckus when they performed the track at Mind Spray Boston a few weeks back. That same night, Damn Ricky (who has produced for Mickey Christmas) was also featured as a highlighted producer in the Mind Spray producer showcase. Watch out for these young studs. I love Fat’s rap voice. Ricky has a really fun style. He will be dropping a beat tape before you can say “based god rocks”.

That’s actually Ricky’s R&B singing alter ego “Don Fresco” singing at 1:40. If you’ve seen Ricky in real life you wouldn’t think he had a singing alter ego. Which I’m sure is part of the reason he really enjoys it. Definitely enjoyed that singing and looking forward to seeing him continue to sing on more tracks.

Look out also for Fat’s upcoming album “Ed, Edd, and Eddie.

Lespecial Releases “Third Antler” Video Before Hitting Bella Terra Festival

At first the description of “Death Funk” scared me, and I thought I might not like it. As mostly a hip hop fan, I very much enjoyed the skills of these musicians and the melody to it. I believe if you enjoy hip hop you will also like “Third Antler”. In just a day it has hit 1500 plays on SoundCloud. A wonderfully unique video shot by Downlow Media.


Death funk trio lespecial releases the video for their single, “Third Antler.”  The live, in-studio performance showcases the three musicians performing vaudevillian guitar melodies paired with blistering detuned bass riffs and a frenetic groove that feels like a psychedelic punk rock take on a horror film scored by Danny Elfman.

The band has earned a reputation for delivering explosive, dynamic sets, amalgamating primordial percussion with synths, samplers and a multitude of analog effects.  As one of the most in-demand festival acts on the East Coast, lespecial has proven to be an anomaly in the modern live music scene, leading Relix Magazine to assert “among the rest of the noise, lespecial is the squeaky wheel that demands attention.”



8/21- STEPHENTOWN, NY- Bella Terra Festival

8/22- NEW YORK, NY- Tammany Hall

9/6- HANCOCK, NY- Catskill Chill Music Festival

9/14- POMFRET, CT- Tyrone Farm

9/19- TROY, NH- Monadstock Festival

9/25- BOSTON, MA- Great Scott

9/27- SCHUYLKILL HAVEN, PA- Meeting Of The Minds Festival

Tim Nihan Drops “Search” For Those Looking For Meaning

We all know someone who has gone through this, or have gone through it ourself. For those who have been medicated by doctors or told there was something wrong about them instead of their limitless potential, you will enjoy this track. Tim only spits from the heart. The incredible chorus was well-executed by Tim Nihan, who also engineered the track (as well as did the art).

In the first verse he talks about people who talk about others, and if you do that in front of him, he won’t trust you. I feel the exact same way – it’s easy – very easy to tell when someone is genuine or not. It just means that you hate yourself if you’re talking badly about others. And need guidance yourself. I’m always playing tracks like these by Tim Nihan on repeat a few days after the release. They just stick with you and touch you so much emotionally. Thank you to the newest member of ProU for inspiring the world with another solid release.

Fran-P & Twan Channel Demonic Positivity for “Kill It”

Man I haven’t heard a song like this. Fran-P is always positive. Only he can make a song called “Kill It” be positive. Dope.

Fran-P & Twan are back for their fifth release in their “Proof Series” and they are bringing it hard – no joke. An incredible beat backdrop provides the space for Fran to annihilate the first verse. Could listen to that verse a trillion times. Dominik brings a nice verse & Esh brings some real unique lyricism. Definitely enjoyed Dominik Omega’s unorthodox voice. He brought good energy & really good imagery too! Will be looking out for his future music when it drops around the scene. The features made this a very unorthodox overall track. And that’s always good – I like Esh’s humor. That “We are the 1 percent” line was one of my favorite’s of the track as well as the Shawn Kemp line. He’s also really good at painting a picture.

Chorus goes hard as hell. Stay tuned for the next release coming really soon

[VIDEO] Tim Nihan Speaks on Special Moment Winning at Mind Spray

I was able to sit down and ask a very humble artist: Tim Nihan of Boston to describe how he felt winning the Mind Spray July event. If you missed it, you can check out the video above of his winning performing of “The Charm”: that secured his spot. He now gets to headline the August 19th Mind Spray show with Boycott Blues & Moroney.

He will be performing new songs he’s created on his SoundCloud - that he has garnered over 35,000 plays on within the frame of just a few months.

The winner of this next Open Mic competition that Tim is headlining at will get to open up for Talib Kweli on August 24th at City Hall Plaza.

Winning Story (from the July 30 competition)

I remember stepping on stage and feeling unusually calm. Not what I had anticipated. It was like I was exactly where I was suppose to be.

I was truly impressed by some of the other acts that night. I felt good about my performance, but didn’t think I was gonna win. To be honest, it wasn’t even about winning for me. It was about getting back on stage and overcoming my fears. So when they announced I won, I was in shock. All I could do was smile. When the place went crazy and everyone started shouting my name, I was definitely amped, especially when Mr. Fritz jumped on stage with me haha.

When we left and all the excitement died down, I felt grateful. I had flashbacks of those times in my life I had lost hope. All I could think about was my friends, family and God, and how I wouldn’t be where I am today with out them.

I allowed myself to enjoy the moment, but quickly started thinking about the future. I realized this was a small step in the bigger picture. I don’t ever want to feel like the job is done. I started thinking about what songs I would perform for my half hour set.

Although my performance was leaps and bounds ahead of my first few performances, I realized how much work I needed to do. So these past few weeks I’ve been super focused on memorizing my verses, my voice control and stage presence. I drew inspiration from some big names in the game as well some Boston cats I respect like Ambro and Latrell James.

I chose songs that have meaning to me. I feel like I have a purpose to be up there. I feel lucky to have this opportunity. I want to make the most of it and show people I won last month for a reason.

Amazing story as usual from Tim. Check out his latest track and we hope to see you at the show, there for the biggest concert (and longest set) of his life up to this moment!

Will be a big night for Boston hip hop. Some of the most talented rappers I know including Paranom, EK, Token, Composition, Wendall Scott (of Smoove Gang) and more from the state will be entering.

Want $100? “Snap” Wendall Scott @ Mind Spray August 19th

Flyer Wendall


Rules are pretty simple !

1. Follow Walt , Pap Clothing , Mind Spray & Brain Trust on Twitter/IG

2. Attend Mind Spray

3. Snap A Photo

4. AT the end of the night, tag these four brands in your photo, and you’re entered to win $100.

Bang. You could end up $100 richer than you came in there with. And you’re also going to have watched IMO what is going to be one of the dopest nights in Boston Hip Hop this Summer with names like Mr. Fritz, Tim Nihan, Token, EK, Paranom, Moroney, BoyCott Blues, and of course Mr. Wendall Scott all putting their hearts out on the dance floor. I mean rap floor. The winner of the Open Mic that night gets to open up for Mr. Talib Kweli at the Boston Urban Music Festival on August 24th.

16 Y/O Composition Drops “Jurassic Cypher”

Watch the new Jurassic Cypher by Composition of the Glasshouse team. He’s got some funny lines like the bar code line. He’s calling out soft rappers. Filmed by Dayo the Genius. Edited by Token the Godsend. Catch Composition and Token performing at the Mind Spray Event on Tuesday, August 19th, but only come if you’re into that real hip hop thing.