The UK Music Scene is Reaching Another Boiling Point


As the generation before us has made noise, we will continue to make noise.
A statement that has been proven time and time again. Recently the 2014 MOBO’s proved how close we are in terms of underground and unconventional music being pushed into the mainstream. Of course this isn’t the first time we’ve won and changed the paradigm of popular contemporary, it’s been done in the 90’s with the forefathers of jungle and drum and bass evolving into another genres and anything that’s made by the people for the people.

The support artists and producers have by their fans, bloggers, radio presenters and anyone supporting the music is far too strong and rampant to be ignored by major publications.


This is very evident in the way, styles and influences from the underground are slowly being dipped and tamed to the point of commercialism and being unable to identify the origins of such movements.

With grime revival, futuristic soul and R&B, afrobeats and a new age of rapstars moving through the Twitter and social media landsapce moving swift for the limelight, the majors are gonna shift their template to ours just as they have in the past.

And we, the people dictate that template.

This year could be a POTENTIAL first in which there’s no artist going platinum (no artist selling 1 million copies) so it’s all a open space if you have enough exposure to stand out.

A huge thanks to every supporter.

This is MisterrCha of @TeamProU saying till next time.

Crook Firm Perform There Single “Fly” at Boston Sneaker Jam



Crook Firm has had some pretty big shows and opportunities in the past few months. If you’re not familiar with the Smoove Movement, get hip.

Thanks to emcee and member of Crook Firm, Wendall Scott, who won Boston’s Mind Spray open mic, him and the rest of his Smoove Brothers got to perform at the Boston Urban Music Festival as one of the opening acts for Talib Kweli. (You can watch footage of them performing at BUMF right here).

Just this past weekend, the group had the opportunity to perform at the Boston Sneaker Jam. They performed there single “Fly” produced by Boston’s own Mr. Fritz .  The video features crisp footage of the Boston Sneaker Jam, and of course Crook Firm rocking out at there performance.

Be sure to check out Crook Firm’s music and stay tuned for more coming from them…oh and of coarse, stay smoove.

-Tim Nihan

[NEW Track] Sir Be & Jon Glass Are Back

Sir Be & Jon Glass are back with their track “I’m Back”. Great production by Jon Glass and amazing quality engineering is apparent. Combined with the awesome REAL lyricism of Sir Be – it makes for a unique track that you aren’t used to hearing. He calls out things that are refreshing to hear being called out. Stay tuned as these two are working on an entire project together!

Fran-P & Twan’s “Slow Down” Mark Finale of Successful “Proof” Series.

A series that has broken 85,000 plays comes to an end tonight, with a great finale. “Slow Down” by Boston emcee and producer duo “Fran-P & Twan” is a fitting inspirational track to leave us on our way to live life in remarkable fashion.

The 7-track series has enjoyed phenomenal success, even getting a track “Dive” placed on the biggest hip hop blog in France. Make sure you catch Fran-P headlining at the Mind Spray show in Boston October 27th, at Wonderbar. He’s a down to earth humble rapper, and the talented producer Twan will be there as well (who was featured in the last Mind Spray Producer showcase, actually). These are two people to look out for.

Fran reps for AR Classic Records (founded by The Arcitype). They are both off a performance at the popular A3C festival. He represented for Boston in the “Beantown Bullies” showcase presented by AR Classic. It was another notch in the belt of Fran’s success saying “This is what I’m supposed to be doing”. I talked to him, and seeing all those other people who were chasing their dreams, down at A3C, was just extra confirmation that he was doing the right thing.

I am a big fan of Twan’s beats as well – so this was a super enjoyable series for me to personally promote & enjoy. It has been a pleasure working with two extraordinary gentlemen.

Listen to the full series here.

Ora Slick Releases new “Slick Talk” Video

Ora Slick is a rapper out of Boston who I had first heard about through Mr Fritz. Ora is featured on Mr Fritz’s song “Beast Mode”. Both emcees definitely live up to the title.

With His newest release, the video for “Slick Talk”, it holds all the compenents for a viral hit. The video (shot and edited by GoodWin, whose done videos for Young Thug, Peewee Longway, Rome Fortune and Michael Christmas) is very crisp, and put together beautifully. It is simple and has all the imagery people are looking for these days. But to write Ora off as someone who is just following trends wouldn’t be fair.

For me, I had the advantage of hearing him over “Beast Mode”, but for those of you haven’t heard of him, listen close to what he is saying. Sure, there are a few moments where he uses certain lines to let his personality shine rather than his skill, but there are a few multi-syllable rhymes that caught my attention: “I’m just a misfit overcoming subordination, middle fingers to the fakers while I’m fornicatin’, married to the game – I divorced the hatrid”.

I’m looking forward to hearing what is next from Ora Slick. 

-Tim Nihan

Apollo Main Drops Thought-Provoking Track “When Will It All Make Sense”

Rising Long Island, NY rapper “Apollo Main” returns with a thought-provoking track to add to his eclectic & conscious collection. This one produced by high-profile producer DJ Shadow. Really a track for the world to question our existence and the way we are living: all of our surroundings. You have to respect his spiritual influence he brings. You know he isn’t going to talk about money, cars, and that boring junk – when his daily inspiration he brings out comes from much MUCH deeper sources.

He tries to be different than other rappers and definitely succeeds. He even fittingly includes a poet at the end on the track “J.OSH” Vocals are accompanied by Latrice. The DJ Shadow production fits perfectly for the track.

Camino Unleashes “Cosmic Powers Of Love” On 1500 Ears & Counting

The NEU DJ and funk extraordinaire “Camino” is becoming a more well-known fixture in the “groove” scene of Massachusetts with every release. And it’s no different with his latest offering to the world with “Cosmic Powers of Love” – hard to argue with over 1500 people – his highest profile release yet.

The comedic intro is a nice touch and I like the music from the very jump – which is essential for attracting those new fans. And this track definitely made me a fan. It’s been my go-to track over the past week just listening whenever I can. There is enough depressing music out there that sometimes you just need to ENJOY and funk out. So get your 80s disco boots out and dance your night and weekend away! You’ll have your opportunity to do so this weekend if you catch him live at Wonder Bar in Boston! That Vinyl Fantasy event on this Sunday seems really cool, and is generating buzz already.

Want to catch him live? You will have many opportunities to see this quickly-booked artist!

10/17- FOOTWORK 001 – Wonder Bar
10/19 – Vinyl Fantasy – Wonder Bar
10/31 – Goldfish – The Sinclair
11/1 – House Party

For more inquiries/booking to make him EVEN busier email him at !

Until Next Time,
It’s Shawn Patel, CEO of @TeamProU
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[Jack Waites Dedication & First Ear] Milestone to 100K Plays + Celebration Mix

Jackson 2 rain

We are definitely proud of this one. We have had a feature article  in the works for quite a while for Mr. Jack Waites. An incredible guy with a heart of gold & innumerous joy within him. He’s also the fearless leader of the First Ear Music Blog & Movement (which just started a little over a year ago & continues to hit milestone after milestone: most recently the incredible feat of 100,000 plays on their SoundCloud (the chillest sounds you can ever hear).

Their new radio mixes are becoming quite the hit (reaching 5k+ plays and beyond on many) & they do an unbelievably fantastic job of covering talented undiscovered artists that deserve to be put on the map. Giving them a chance to shine.

More important than anything, I’m sure he would agree is that he has created / attracted a community of like-minded big-hearted musical fanatics in the First Ear Staff (its own family I’d say) and inspiring the affiliate family (their fans and all the artists they’ve covered). This sense of community is what makes one feel a sense of accomplishment and joy. It personally feels good to be in the midst of and know such good people – I feel like they are my friends even though they are thousands of miles away. A friendly incredible staff. None of that “too good for you” attitude you see at some blogs.

We wish them success for the future to come. And if this was JUST the first year, then WHAT THE HECK is in store to come over the next year?!!?. Just simply wondrous to imagine.

Jack’s Birthday and Staff Thoughts from Kulv Reyatt & Katy Mills

Dedication to This Badass Leader.. Just being himself. A winner.

Dedication to This Badass Leader.. Just being himself. A winner.

For Jack’s birthday I wanted to do something important and special (happy belated!) so I asked Kulv and Katy (fellow FE staff members) what they had to say about Jack that inspired them.

We’ve also had the fortune to exchange pleasantries with Kulv (happy belated to him as well). Great guy and big supporter we can’t thank enough!

Here are the words and enjoy the celebration mix at the very bottom of the post! Thank you to the team also for always showing love to ProU! We are rooting you all on here always and on this journey together !


Me and Jack met up only a few years ago through a mutual friend. We hit it off almost instantly. Both had a love for the same type of music. It was then shortly afterwards that he said he wanted to start the blog.

I remember we were on the way to London and we were trying to think of names for the blog. He said he had an older blog he used to use called First ear so we stuck with that!

He’s really into what he does and always trying to push the First Ear brand forward with the radio show and some other stuff we got coming

He’s started to get into DJing now so I’m helping him with that also, like I said before the guys always pushing himself for the better. And I respect that the most about him

Katy: (when I talked with her she was VERY passionate about her work with FE & the movement / being there from the beginning)

He’s a sound guy, very passionate about what he does and easy to work with. Open minded and full of love for the music

He’s a funny guy, been working with him from the very first month the blog started running, so I have a trust with him and I do a lot for FE. We hope to continue for a long time!

Myself:  I look up to this guy and the family and community he’s created. Always reaching out and caring for others. It’s just simply infectious. You could fill up an entire essay on his character and the impact he will have/has on the world. Salute to him.

I could write a lot about this man and get gushy but I think y’all should just do FE a favor and hit play and enjoy the heck out of the 100K celebration mix cause that’s what he’d want!

Shouts also to Kimi and Mike of the FE staff! (We didn’t get a chance to ask everyone from the FE team). Keep it up all! Thanks for your influence to the world through your blog & of course your ears first!

Priest Takes Hip Hop to Paris in “Flipside” Video

Rising Queens, New York Rapper Brandon “Priest” Perkins hits Paris & combines with Jaze Baqti on the beat for an incredible video “Flipside” Directed by JustHyss.

The intro I love, with the Eiffel Tower. Looks like a dopeass Christmas tree with lights.

The production just perfectly fits the mood of a once in a lifetime experience of being able to shoot a video in Paris, France.

Love the drums as the track starts kinda abruptly and really makes you pay attention to Priest as he starts spitting in his fresh cut. The real ass lyrics go freshly with the mostly black-and-white images and fast scene cuts of the video spun up by JustHyss.

The violin is crazy. The Eiffel flickering at 1:25 that was one of the coolest subtle moments of the video.

We get to witness Priest aka Brandon Perkins display his fast flow while still communicating from the heart and through realism from 1:40 to 2:11 this shows to me that his future is unbelievably bright and his fanbase will easily multiply. He will be very well received internationally. So it’s not a surprise that he will be heading back to Europe for a tour sometime in 2015. Switzerland, Paris, and Tokyo watch out.

Congratulations to Priest on all the recent success; he’s an inspiration to artists showing it’s possible if you work hard enough then touring internationally and doing what you love is possible.

He’s a very humble artist and very smart – clearly his work ethic trumps most of our population – salute to him on the networking tip and working with people from all over the globe! One of the few artists who can just consistently inspire you with his music.

Until Next Time,
It’s Shawn Patel, CEO of @TeamProU
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