New Music – @Wikid2thaWayz – Play Tha Victim ( Prod by @MisterrCha )

Something smooth and laid back for y’all. Raps to your elevate your day through passionate rhythms. My return to the production boards with artists as opposed to an remix, this beat was made a while ago but it still sounds fresh. I’ll leave you to take a listen! The first single of my project with the Iowa born rapper Wikid Wayz entitled ‘Bad Visions’ which can be checked below.


This is MisterrCha of @TeamProU saying till next time.

Steve Rumizen; The Man Behind the Music


Steve Rumizen produced one of my most popular songs, “Million Dollars” Featuring Mr. Fritz, as well as “Train Tracks” Featuring Mike Sebor and “Windows Down” (on which he raps the second verse). I also have some unheard material that is going to be released in the near future featuring his production, as well as mixing and mastering. But now that you have a reference, let me explain why I am writing this article.

I remember the first Facebook message I received from Steve. I never would have guessed the impact he would play in my life.

Steve and I grew up in the same hometown and played on a little league baseball team together. But beyond that, we didn’t have much of a relationship. Until he reached out to me about collaborating on a song.

I remember being pleasantly surprised by the beat he sent me. I put a verse and hook on it, which we never finished or released. But it served as the door to our friendship.

Steve sent me several more instrumentals, some including his own singing or rapping. All of which progressively got better. But as the songs kept flooding my email, I started falling deeper into my addiction and isolation, and farther away from my aspirations of being an artists. Eventually, I stopped responding, or returning verses, and the beats stopped coming.

But in nothing short of an act of God, almost exactly the same time I started my journey drug and alcohol free, I received a Facebook message from Steve. He told me how he was going to school for Technical Engineering, and for his final project, he needed to mix and master a complete project, and that he wanted the project to be our songs. For the first time, Steve and I met in person to work on music. His home studio became a second home to me.

Everything was new, I was sober, I was learning how to live life with out being under the influence. But more specifically, learning how to make music again.

Week in and week out, we met and worked on something new. Steve started to become one of the most talented producers I had ever heard. As we worked out the kinks, we started to vibe and connect. We started becoming comfortable around each other. As the music started getting personal, we started getting to know each other.

Like most artists, I am my biggest critic. I always struggled with my confidence. Especially when it came to my singing. I loved to come up with melodies, but when I had the nerve to deliver them on a song, I usually hid behind the sound of auto-tune. Steve told me that I had a good voice, and just needed to practice. He pushed me to get better at it, and now, singing is often times a huge part of my creative process. He constantly reassured me that I was talented and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself.

Those early days of sobriety were like a rebirth for me. I discovered who I really was. I discovered what was important to me. I found out what kind of music I wanted to make, and what I wanted to say in it. And Steve was there and an active part of all of it. So it is hard for me to put into words what my musical, as well as personal, relationship with Steve means to me. But the best way I can put it is, the music you hear from me, the style I have, is all heavily influenced by him. I would not be where I am with out him.

Credit must be given where it is due. So, this is dedicated to you Steve, or as I like to call you, Stevey the Genius. I will be eternally grateful for the time, incredible production, and friendship you gave me.

-Tim Nihan

Don’t Forget: Events in time dictates the music (By @MisterrCha )


I was watching a DJ Dahi (producer of Kendrick’s Money Trees, Drake’s Worst Behaviour and more) interview and one of the subjects he was discussing along with his production briefly was the “events in time dictates the music”.

I think this tends to be a thing that potentially people may forget when it comes to the space in which music exists.

These events dictate the popular music, the scenes around the popular music, counter cultures to the music and more.


These events help provide social/cultural/societal/other forms of context into what the environment and surroundings were of that time. I guess you say this is the part of the reason why people say “Music isn’t as good as it used to be” and another variations of that statement, the responses are subjective to that but different timeframes really make the difference.

These events are what lead to some of the biggest leaps in 20th and 21st century music with the creation and expansion to a wide range of genres and to the creation of some of your favourite songs and albums. So understand certain circumstances, moments, albums and songs can’t be recreated again.

This is MisterrCha of @TeamProU saying till next time.

Justin Clancy Drops Nice Visuals & Metaphor With “Heather Lynn”

Massachusetts Artist “Justin Clancy” (from Peabody), writes in the description “Dedicated to those still Sick & Suffering”. This is a track that appears to be about a female. You will think “oh this is very relatable, I’ve been through that”. But I asked him what the song is about and for fun he asked me “What does ‘Heather Lynn’ sound like when you say it very fast”. Heroin.

He was recently featured on the podcast “Wicked Sober” by Matt Ganem. Matt has helped hundreds of people and inspired them, as a former addict himself.  I have immense respect for the positive things people like these two human beings are doing. Justin is now 1 year sober, and I congratulated him. It’s very awesome seeing things like that. I was impressed with the visuals. Catch his “Heather Lynn” LP dropping by November end. Glad to have found a new artist I had only discovered today!

New M-Dot Single “Frank Lee” Tells Captivating Fictional Story

I recently became a fan of this artist named “M-Dot” from Boston. He’s been around the scene a while but is recently catching the attention of the more wider hip hop world. He is part of the group EMS and works with a popular producer from Mass named Jon Glass. I was at Jon/M-Dot’s studio session today and I got a sneak peak of two of the videos he shot while in Europe.  They are going to get some good attention, IMO.

Comments: I think he bodies this track, and the singing on it is dope and really matches the track/beat produced by Pause (salute to him). I really respect artists that tell story-telling/visual/meaningful tracks, and that is the route M-Dot is going with his music. So definitely he will be someone you will be seeing more material from at Producers United.


‘Frank Lee’ is the 4th single off M-Dot’s “Jake LaDOTta” CD (out now). The song is a cautionary story track (fictional) which M-Dot recorded while in Sweden on tour. Additional vocals provided by Jefferson on the outro.

Questions to Ask Yourself If You’re an Artist/Producer – Written by @MisterrCha

I often ask myself these questions too!

These questions are interchangeable between artist/producer as both members within the music community can have similar motives and goals.

1) Are you willing to go against the contemporary or do you want to stay within it?

2) How long do you want to be making music for?

3) What makes you stand out from everybody else?

4) What do you think will want to make other people invest in you?

5) What are you doing that’s going to make your music memorable in a couple years from now?

Just some food for thought.

Thank you for reading this.
This is MisterrCha of @TeamProU saying till next time.

Mike Wing Brings “Dat Funky Shit” (Prod. OptimusFish)

Mike Wing, New Hampshire MC with a distinctly different flavor of hip hop brings the funk in an impressive new song produced by his little brother “OptimusFish”. The humble artist has already received positive feedback on the song and nearly 700 plays & 100 favorites

I can really appreciate the unique production. His brother (OptimusFish) just recently started producing yet he has a style that you can tell is distinctly his. And his name fits his artistic anomaly-ness. These brothers make a great combination. I look forward to see Optimus continually improve on it as well. Very impressive for his first year of production. You need a marketing ability and presentation to go ANYWHERE in the industry. And you can tell Mike/these brothers have a very specific sound/style.

Overall, it’s a very fun track and I know the Mike Wing fan-base is going to really love this.

I was telling him “You need a video for this’. Hopefully he comes out with one. If you haven’t seen the creative visions he portrays in videos, see “Say Wha?” below and you will see why I want a video for this one too. It’s an amazing song (almost 2000 plays on SoundCloud!)

David – A Disciple Of Love

We are all so unique in so many ways with our complexities and emotions. We all live through them to the best of our abilities. This is what makes people, individuals. The way we express ourselves paves our way. Some people do it through their work, others through family life, some use religion, while my favorites express themselves creatively.

Energy comes from the heart and it’s what connects us to one another, inspires our thoughts and motivates our actions. There’s a saying that goes like this, “Heart is a fertile place. Anything planted in it will grow whether it’s love or hate.”, and I can attest that hate is a hard row to hoe. No matter how many or few people we interact with in a day, year or lifetime, we always share a part of our heart with the energy we resonate.

The Polish Ambassador, to me, delivers some of the most loving energy a human could manifest. He’s inspired to make the world a better place, not only through all of the facets of live music, but through all of the wonderfully capable human beings that listen to it. His tour promotes permaculture everywhere it takes them and leaves each place they jammed at better than when he and his crew got there. Love is not a weapon to fight off the evils of this world, it’s a key to unlock our greatest potential. TPA opened up and shined an incredible light on the differences between fear and love (in an open letter on Facebook). We have the choice to accept that we evolve throughout our life and seek to understand what’s truly in our hearts or suffer the consequences of fearing to do so. With growth there’s always change…

A letter to old TPA fans, new ones, and everyone in-between

In the last few weeks, there have been a few very negative and hurtful comments surrounding the direction of our tour and the musical aspect of this project, mainly an opposition to the attachment of a movement to the music: a movement that is rooted in love for this planet and each other. And I’m now receiving notes and comments from some of you who are confused and angry at that negativity. So I’m writing this post today to address it and release some heaviness that is weighing on my heart.

For as long as I’ve been touring I’ve gone down and met you guys after shows to connect offstage, and have shared myself via social media to hopefully give you an understanding of who I am and stimulate discussion so we all understand each other more. It’s important to me that you guys know who I am as a human, and to know me as David. The Polish Ambassador is a direct reflection of who I am as a person. The art I’m creating and have always created is a reflection of my own personal evolution. It doesn’t just appear out of thin air.

But I’m beginning to understand why it is such a rarity to see artists go down into the crowd after shows, engage their fan bases with thought provoking questions, and vulnerably share who they are via social media about why they create art. My speculation is that it’s because many fans hold a projection or an idea of who you are beyond the artistry. A fan may be thinking that because they resonate with the music, they know the person creating it.

I can understand that. When I was in my 20s I loved the Beastie Boys so much. Listened to them everyday. Thought to myself so many times…

“Those guys are so badass. I bet we’d be best buds if we knew each other. They would understand me.”

I literally felt like I knew them based on my emotional response to their music. I suppose that’s what we’ve been taught to do as humans, especially when we are young. We project ourselves and ideas onto people that are important to us. If the artist does not fit that mold, he or she might sadden or anger that person, that fan, which might just manifest into hate for that artist. Strange paradox, but I’ve witnessed this exact thing happen a few times over the past couple months with this project, and it is painful.

Some facts. We have sold out 85% of our shows this tour. Major venue and festival owners, professional booking agents, industry professionals have sought our team out to tell us that they’ve never seen anything like this. They’re saying they see over 300 shows a year, and the amount of love that is being created and stirred up in these rooms, is simply put, shocking.

In holding a large perspective of this project, I see that 95% of people coming out to our shows are ready for this kind of love. The roars of applause at the end of the night are like nothing I’ve ever heard, and I’ve been doing this for 5 years. The love in these rooms is palpable. That’s why this has been the most successful TPA tour to date, by far.

But there is a small percentage out there that have yet to access that kind of love. I can understand that too. I remember my first semester in college, walking by the theater department and seeing twenty people engaged in an expressive dance. It made me uncomfortable, and to make myself more comfortable I made fun of it with my friends. Now, I would view that as beautiful, but I can completely understand how others may feel disconnected or alienated through witnessing connectedness. 1000 people all around them beaming love. A love that their system is possibly startled by or unfamiliar with.

I see anger, frustration, and hatred as expressions of fear. And compassion, kindness, and gratitude as expressions of love.

Love attracts love. Fear also attracts fear. Both want to be around each other. Both are constantly searching for one another, but fear is afraid of love. Love is not afraid of fear. Love only knows love.

For those of us who choose to speak from our hearts, share our perspectives, and share the human behind the art from a place of love and service, we might get some unanticipated resistance.

A friend of mine said to me recently,

“If you start making big enough waves, there is always a smaller wave that will return and oppose that wave. It’s just the way nature works.”

So, I guess that’s where this project is at. It’s making some waves, perhaps some big ones. I’ve always known it was in my nature to shake things up a bit. That’s all part of the art for me. And yea, it feels super painful when someone I don’t even know makes a personal jab at me because they don’t agree with my own personal evolution.

I’ve said it a bunch, but I want to share it again — I truly feel that everyone has a right and a choice to live however they want, whether that means moving toward sustainably or not, drinking or not, listening to TPA or not… it’s all your choice. I respect and honor that. I too, as an individual, make my own choices.

I think often times, people forget that artists are humans. I actually read these negative comments. They hurt. But they’re not going to slow this movement. They might even fuel me to work harder. Because I truly believe in what has begun with this tour.

It’s taking me a lot of courage to talk about the message behind my art. It feels like uncharted territory. From my vantage point there are very few artists modeling that, and I’m doing it in hopes that other artists begin to do the same. That’s when a real shift will occur. How do cities and neighborhoods become hip? When artists and creative people move in. How do movements gain momentum? When the artists get on board. Art has the uncanny ability to make things cool, and things that become fashionable can change the world.

Just so it’s crystal clear, there is no way I could ever go back to another way of touring after having the experience of this tour. The potency of touring with people who share my visions. The potency of curating a show that start to finish has so many flavors and so much nutrition. This show ain’t a fast food operation. There is dance, there are words, there is a movement, there is learning, there is evolution, there is a message, there is joy.

A door has been opened and I simply can’t unsee what I’ve seen.

The power that music holds to truly be a catalyst for social change has been unveiled, and it is so damn beautiful. Service, community, building, co-creation, connectedness, comraderie, joy, sharing, giving, receiving, gratitude. The true byproducts of true art.

I’m more in than I have ever been before.

If you can’t handle the love that’s in these rooms, at these festivals, at these action days, and that is part of this movement, that is totally cool. I understand and can even empathize to an extent. I’ve been there. But at this point, I can’t even find the door to go backward. It’s vanished.

And just know, whether you wanna come to a TPA show to party, connect, learn, build, or just dance, you are always welcome to join us. Just want to let you know what direction this train is moving

With gratitude and love,

David aka Polish

In case you didn’t know, that’s what a real man sounds like when he shares his thoughts. Just a regular guy named “David”. It’s like he tattooed a window on his chest, so his heart could see the stars and find its way. I guess we can only truly admire our role models when we get to see them as our peers.

Thanks David, for just being yourself… it’s refreshing. One love.

Scotty J ~ “Love attracts love. Fear also attracts fear. Both want to be around each other. Both are constantly searching for one another, but fear is afraid of love. Love is not afraid of fear. Love only knows love.” 


Feelin’ Gaye

It takes genuine pride to say this aloud… I love feelin’ Gaye. “I’ve been really tryin’ baby, tryin’ to hold back this feeling for so long.“, but I’m feeling him so deep that I just can’t anymore. Not until you’ve felt Gaye this deeply will you be able to embrace it like I have today. It just takes relaxing, opening up and understanding nothing can make you more alive than feeling Gaye. Let’s get it on.


In the last five months Marvin Gaye’s greatest hits album has been lovingly untouched in slot number two of my car’s disc-changer. He just fits so perfectly right there. Marvin makes my bad days better and my better days the best. This is honestly what it’s like to really feel Gaye. It’s liberating!!

His music was diverse, passionately controversial, erotic, lovingly spirited and physically moving. By the time Let’s Get It On came out in 1973 he had the whole world feelin’ Gaye. Sex and love were both beautifully human. He found solace from a tormented and misguided childhood in these themes. This was Marvin’s take,

“I can’t see anything wrong with sex between consenting anybodies. I think we make far too much of it. After all, one’s genitals are just one important part of the magnificent human body… I contend that SEX IS SEX and LOVE IS LOVE. When combined, they work well together, if two people are about the same mind. But they are really two discrete needs and should be treated as such. Time and space will not permit me to expound further, especially in the area of the psyche. I don’t believe in overly moralistic philosophies. Have your sex, it can be exciting, if you’re lucky. I hope the music that I present here makes you lucky.”

Humanism is a philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively, and generally prefers critical thinking, evidence and human fulfillment in the natural world over established doctrine or faith. Life’s experiences become the teacher. Marvin’s view of the essence of life was humans working together to become one through sex and/or love. His music built a sky-way to those who were willing to share a similar experience. Simply put, if you’re feelin’ Gaye you’ll find yourself there.

My suggestion for all of this is to be rational. Believe in yourself before anything else and experience life for yourself first. Certain “morals” beyond our natural human-rights establish a blanket approach of defining the things we hate. It’s a back-road to self-loathing, if anything. Be human and if you run into another person being human, spend time with them. Throw on the stereo and let Marvin work his magic. Chances are when you start feelin’ Gaye together, your experience will only get better. If you can’t find the words, Marvin made it simple on Let’s Get It On. The last lyric says it all… “If you want to love me, Baby. Just let yourself go.”

Scotty J – “Feelin’ Gaye”


Bull JR Spits Motivational Anthem On “Schemin” (Prod. ID Labs)

“Schemin” is a single produced by ID Labs. The tune is set to a very laid back production with atmospheric components and a meditative vibe. The hook for the track sees Bull JR playing with a little bit of melody as he let’s the listener in on how he responds when faced with adversity. The verses build on the motivation,  displaying amazing flow from the Milwaukee rapper. Overall, this is probably one of Bull’s most personable records to date as well as one that anyone with dreams and aspirations can truly connect with. Enjoy the anthem!

Thank you to Miracle of The Illixer as always for tuning us into good music!

He says “It’s about time me and my ninjas get some respect”. A line anyone can relate to. The struggle takes a lot of grit.