[New Podcast] ProU Presents Episode 3

ProU has the third episode of ProU presents. Listen below. Unless you scared to.

20 minutes of awesome every week hosted by Gamma Singularity.
Featuring ProU & friends.

With intense energy, we bump it off with Ambro’s “Doing Me” (video for it is dope & shot by him). He is rising in the city and was the first in the region to bring the USB wristband album idea! (You can get that here)

We feature Token‘s “Talk To You”, getting ridiculous buzz in the city for it – the video hitting 5,000 views in under a week. Then we follow it up with his 16 y/o Glasshouse teammate Composition – who goes hard with his “What Am I Left To Say” track. That specific track made him a finalist in the last Mind Spray Open Mic competition.

Also featured is The D.A & Stiz Grimey for the 3rd episode in a row. The only two acts to have this honor. Jon Glass produces both the Lucky Dice “When Danger Awaits” track (a Lucky Dice fan favorite) as well as The D.A one. Twondon from New Jersey is our only non-Boston rapper feature (from New Jersey. And one to watch for). Instrumental features are presented by ChrisPRhythm & J1K (who has his tape “The Vault”coming out Sept 28th).

Submit your high quality (no trash) tracks to gammasingularity@gmail.com for consideration in future podcasts!

Happy Birthday Gamma Singularity & Gray Area Ep. 4

It’s an exciting occasion as we mark the birthday of extraordinary DJ / Radio Host of “The Gray Area” from ProU, Mr. Gamma Singularity (aka Sam K*******). The man was born earlier this week. September is full of good people like him. We thank him for his hard work, dedication and consistency. Congratulations to him and the crew reaching 3000 plays already on the “ProU Presents” podcast series he hosts!

The Gray Area is moving along very well, as he recently developed a website for it here.

As a gift, we bring you The Gray Area podcast episode 4. Fire, as he starts it off with Big Pun and it extends to outstanding acts including The D.A (Ediquette + Biz of Glasshouse), Statik Selektah, Dutch ReBelle and classic lyricists like Evidence (w/ Alchemist) on their amazing “You” track. An unbelievable mix of locals, classics, and mainstream hip – and you get “The Gray Area”. Enjoy.

You will be googling many of these dope joints, and adding them to your collection, we know. Stay tuned for Ep. 5 coming this weekend!

[Buzzing In Boston] Composition – What Am I Left To Say

Shoutout to Composition of Glasshouse Productions, who releases his “What Am I Left To Say” track : the track placed in a top finalist spot for the recent Mind Spray Boston competition with among the best rappers in Massachusetts!

Lotus & Tashawn Grey Participate in THHT with “Trash Can”, Hitting 1K Plays


Congrats to Lotus & Tashawn Grey for their accomplishments in this really special club called The Hip Hop Transformation. They have successfully hit 1000 plays and are moving steadily past that on their new “Trash Can” track.  Teens age 14-18  came together this Summer to put out an album and use hip hop as a positive outlet. I was put onto the organization thanks to David “Lightfoot” Bellow, an incredibly talented and good-hearted producer from the Boston area. He has a done great job organizing the SC page for it. The album was also mixed and mastered by Lightfoot.

Lotus brings a very unique voice with exceptional passion. Tashawn Grey definitely compliments Lotus in this track with a different style of delivery. Overall, with the production by Sdot Fire this makes for a very enjoyable track – especially with the positive message. We could definitely use more organizations like this around our communities.

The description:

The Hip Hop Transformation (THHT) is a program for teens ages 14-18 offered by the Cambridge Community Center in partnership with the Cambridge Police Department. THHT teaches teens the history of hip hop, the role hip hop plays in society, and the skills needed to write, record, and perform original music.

THHT: The Transformation is the final product of 6 weeks of hard work by 14 teens in Cambridge, MA during the summer of 2014.


Program Participants: Shock, Genesis, Lotus, Julie P, Tashawn Grey, ATM, Romos X, Yung Kada, Nephew, EMC, H.B.Z., Ghost, and R.E.D.D.

Artistic Advisors: Lightfoot, Shawn “Shizz-P” Proctor, Letia Larok, Dagha, E’Flash, Delta Kilo, and E-Swagg

Album features appearances by E’Flash, Letia Larok, Dagha, Fran-P, Latrell James, Bakari J.B., Jizz Uniq, April Andrews, and Shawn Woods

Production by The Arcitype, Genesis, Yung Kada, Romos X,

Mixed and mastered by Lightfoot at The Bridge Sound and Stage, Cambridge, MA.

[Podcast] The Gray Area Episode 3 (Presented by ProU)

gamma art

We are happy to present the third straight week of The Gray Area. Featuring local Boston hip hop, ProU acts, as well as national and old school acts. Ex: the podcast starts out with some good ol “Don’t Sweat The Technique”. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the transition to the next track and some fun facts of how the two artists are related by the host Gamma Singularity. Thanks to him supporting the scene we got artists covered like Mr. Fritz, Dutch ReBelle, and The D.A (Ediquette & Biz) of Glasshouse Productions. We love us some Glasshouse. Respect to our own young 18 y/o instrumentalist from the U.K MisterrCha providing a beat from his “Vision to Life” classic album. Enjoy the podcast below and “like” the page on Facebook here!

Send in your real hip hop tracks to GammaSingularity@Gmail.com to be considered for a feature in the next podcast episode! Or if you think we are overlooking someone. We love to hear new talent

The Gray Area Podcast Website Launches!

gray are website

We are proud to announce to our fanbase that The Gray Area podcast hosted by Gamma Singularity has launched its website: we will also have it linked here on the ProU site. The podcast, presented by ProU, features an incredible mix of local, old school, main stream and ProU artists. Like nothing I’ve seen before. Visit the new website at http://grayareahiphop.com.  Already on episode 4, an array of artists have been featured. You can never be not schooled on hip hop when listening to an episode – there’s just too much variety. The website created by Gamma of ProU himself. Wbe programmer, producer, and radio show host/DJ all in one. That’s damn right. To celebrate episode 10 of ProU Presents (also hosted by Gamma) and episode 10 of The Gray Area we will be hosting a party at Mass Apparel (so in about 6-7 weeks)

Listen below & Submit your tracks to be featured at gammasingularity@gmail.com and spread the word!
If you know any great artists from the area we should check out, also make sure to comment below.


There we were meandering around the Allegan County Fair. It was a stagnant and humid Sunday afternoon, but the air was still sweet with the wafting aroma of fresh funnel cakes. The weather certainly didn’t put a damper on our mood while we played games and schmoozed with the colorful carnies. After a while we sought refuge from the heat and found this gem hiding in the shade…


My girlfriend and I just stared at these words, nearly hypnotized. It was as if the ruckus of the surrounding fair was hushed by their perfectly subtle appearance. We didn’t know who was being quoted nor who painted them on this random wall at the fairgrounds, but we both fell in love with their simple truth. We snapped a photo with her phone knowing that we had found something special to share and went on with our adventure for the day.

It so happens that the words we found were paraphrased from Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser’s explanation to the question, “Why music?”. He is a world-renowned educator of music and leadership with impressive credentials. He found the words that literally bridge the gap between what our minds and what our hearts comprehend about music. His full rhapsody (below) sends chills down the spine as intelligence and passion braid together in his words.

“Why Music?” by Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser

MUSIC IS A SCIENCE : It is exact, specific, and it demands exact acoustics.

MUSIC IS MATHEMATICAL : It is rhythmically based on the subdivisions of time into fractions.

MUSIC IS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE : Most of the terms are in Italian, German or French. The notation is a highly developed kind of shorthand that uses symbols to represent ideas.

MUSIC IS HISTORY : Music usually reflects the environment and times of its creation.

MUSIC IS PHYSICAL EDUCATION : It requires fantastic coordination of fingers, hands, and arms, as well as lip, cheek and facial muscles. It requires an extraordinary control of the back, stomach, chest and diaphragmatic muscles which respond instantly to the sound the ear hears and the mind interprets.

MUSIC IS ART : It allows a human being to take these dry, technically boring, but difficult techniques and use them to create and express emotion! That is one thing science cannot duplicate: humanism, feeling and emotion.


Not because you are expected to major in music.

Not because you are expected to play or sing your whole life.

Not so you can relax.

Not so you can have fun, BUT …

So you will be human.

So you will recognize beauty.

So you will be sensitive.

So you will be closer to an infinite beyond this world.

So you will have something to cling to.

So you will have more love, more compassion, more gentleness, more good—

In short, MORE LIFE !

Of what value will it be to make a prosperous living unless you know how to live?

 DAMN. After reading something like that, all of my words almost seem meaningless at this point. See I myself am not a musician, only a passionate appreciator. There’s always a heavenly feeling when I listen to the music that I love. I think that’s what he meant when he said, “So you will be closer to an infinite beyond this world.”. Music will outlive all of us as long as it’s written, read, played and heard.

This reminds me of a beautiful track by one of my favorite producers, DJ Hi-tek. The song is called “Music For Life” from his 2006 album Hi-Teknology²: The Chip. It features a wrecking crew of hip-hop musicians J-Dilla, Nas, Common, Marsha Ambrosius and Busta Rhymes. It’s not so much of a song, rather a confession of the raw emotions embedded in music. I owe it to them to wrap this all up…

Recognize the beauty.

Scotty J.    

The Collective, #1: Remembrance in Retrospect


This article is the first in an editorial series, The Collective, showcasing artist’s & writers outlook on real life events, controversies, and more. To be featured in an edition of The Collective contact plbeezy through facebook, or email at paigelbentley@gmail.com


biggie yes

Days like today tend to remind us, if only for a moment, how short life really is. How unexpectedly our loved ones can be gone. How quickly the world can come crashing down around us.

Thirteen years ago today many of us felt just that as we watched the towers fall over and over on news coverage. Even those who didn’t personally lose someone had a heavy heart. It was as if the sounds of airplanes crashing resonated through out the country, no matter where you were. Even citizens and soldiers overseas felt the ground shake beneath them as if they were standing at ground zero themselves. The event was tragic, the aftermath devastating, and the impact on most eternal. But our reaction as Americans? That was breathtaking. As quickly as the crashes were over, citizens moved into action. Everywhere you looked flags flew high, helping hands were given, and strangers were offering whatever they could to anyone in need. We rose up out of the darkness and really came together as a country, something you don’t see happening every day. I reached out to a few artists today and asked them to share their thoughts on 9/11, whether it be through lyrics or just some thoughts & I’d like to take a moment to share them with you.

“Blank stare lost tears, this day will never be the same / Children missing parents, parents missing children / This a picture I never wanna frame/ 9-11 was the date / Forever in our hearts we’ll forever feel the pain / It made us stand together which is a beautiful thang / I send my love to the families of them people in the buildings and planes”    – Bussy, Brockton, MA , who recalls watching live coverage of the Towers as the second plane crashed from a high school TV.

“We lost the twin towers, my mom lost her sister / Both devastating, but I got the big picture / Love is all / God love us all #Prayers4NineEleven”    – BrandNewEnglandRraine, Taunton, MA

“Still can’t fathom the brutality, so visually astounding / fallen angels without wings but a halo around ‘em / one beacon of hope in all that sudden strange / children’s programming stayed the path & didn’t make the change / kept them kids, they didn’t shoulder our worries / they didn’t sing our sorrows, didn’t feel our furies”   – Ryan Gojira, Dallas, TX, remembering how horrific the TV footage was and being happy that channels geared towards kids kept their usual programming so ‘kids could keep being kids, at least for one more day’

“The planes hit the buildings, I remember the feeling / teachers broke down n explained to the children / terrorist attack, explained the planes got jacked / turned to the TV got smoke in the air / loved ones lost, felt the death in the air”   – Shizz, Randolph, MA

To close it off, ProU’s own Tim Nihan summed up a lot of people’s thoughts when I spoke with him earlier saying “My deepest respects and prayers go to all of the families, police officers, firemen, EMT’s, hospital workers and anyone else who helped and were effected that day. How everyone came together after such a tragedy is the real story. Amazing how there is beauty even in the darkest of times.”

Amen to that, Tim. Props to all who contributed to this article on such short notice, and keep an eye out for future editions of “The Collective”, bringing a hip hop word to events of matter and controversy going on in our world. Life is short, take a moment to remember all those lost and pay respects.

Until next time…

Apollo Main – White Tiger (DJ Vic Vicious EDM Remix)

Apollo Main of NY has his most popular track “White Tiger” remixed by EDM DJ “Vic Vicious”. Already at 1000 plays and over 100 likes it is buzzing on SoundCloud. The artist just had his SECOND party in New York that had been hosted by Peter Rosenberg. You know it’s serious when you have a Rosenberg co-sign. He is definitely an artist to pay attention to. Stay tuned.

The crowd ALWAYS goes crazy for him. This was the first Hot 97 party hosted for him.

[New] Fran-P & Twan Release “Dive” Off Proof Series

Fran-P & Twan are back. This time they release an inspiring solo track by Fran called “Dive”. This 6th and latest release off their “Proof” series has the fans buzzing again, already hitting 1000 plays. There will be one more release to conclude the successful series. One of the best tracks off it, “Wake Up” just hit 5,000 – and the series already has over 30,000 combined plays from all over the world.