Mr. Fritz Will Be Co-Headlining at The Glasshouse Party Tonight

Glasshouse party

Tonight Mr. Fritz, the ProU captain, will be performing alongside Paranom, Red Pages, and Aisling Peartree (all amazing performers) with my favorite DJ Notorious B.K.S” (aka Boston’s Best Kept Secret). BKS killed it at the first Glasshouse party and had everyone dancing and having an amazing time – so that is why I am calling him my favorite DJ. Hopefully he will live up to this superlative I have given him, again, for tonight! I think he will. He plays dope classics / and gets everyone grooving!

Mr. Fritz will be debuting some newly released material. He has recently been killing it in preparation for his “The Glory” album to come this Summer. His “Girl Next Door” track charted on SoundCloud, and his “Graduation Day” (Draft Day Remix) has been buzzing as well.

Be there at 87 Washington St, in Salem, MA tonight. It will be a FREE event, and packed and an amazing time with amazing performers hosted by Mr. Jon Glass. An incredible dude and very talented producer (the head of Glasshouse Productions)

Rain Check Mondays Week 2 ft BoyCott Blues – “iKnow”

Fresh off opening up for a sold out RJD2 concert, Rain of Producers United x The Brain Trust drops his latest throwback single for “Rain Check Mondays”. week 2 of the series brings us a fresh feeling song with BoyCott Blues (featured on 2DBz & well known around the underground)

This is a followup to Week 1 which was a REKS throwback track that hit over 2400 plays on SoundCloud (and still climbing). REKS’ mother even commented that it was one of her favorite songs!).

Enjoyed this weeks track? Get the free download here!

Story By Rain

BoyCott Blues may be one of my favorite MC’s that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He’s a genuinely witty dude so naturally, his style is easily digested and most of the time will make you laugh at least twice in any given verse. We linked up a few years back when we were label mates (Brick Records). Blues and I became friends and continue to work on new music. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the pleasure of recording this particular track. This was originally supposed to be a REKS joint but he was working on a million other records at the time. So I gave the beat to Blues. REKS hit me up and was like “I can’t believe you gave that beat away!! But after hearing what Blues did to it, I can’t even be mad…hahaha”

Don’t forget to peep the video too!

Signing off,
Shawn Patel, CEO of @TeamProU

[Song Spotlight] Mr. Fritz – Graduation Day (Draft Day Freestyle) @ItsMrFritz


Look who it is, the one, the only Mr. Fritz. With his highly anticipated project ‘The Glory’ being released in summer, the buildup is truly incredible. Slowly getting heightened by the day; seeing him perform at venues, dropping freestyles on TV, featuring on XXL, his hunger radiates through the frequencies he transmits via. his lyricism, witty punchlines, new and fresh cadences and flows. His latest track ‘Graduation Day’ Fritz rips the recently talked about Drake’s Draft Day built off an iconic Lauryn Hill song – turned into a raw boom-bap anthem.

“They gassed up so I introduce them to brake suspension/ Like slow your role before I aim at you with the same intention”

So much quotables in this but to keep your attention that’s the only quote I’m dropping.

Check it out immediately.

This song is easily a gem to check out, if you’re in the mood for raw boom-bap.

This is MisterrCha of @TeamProU saying till next time.

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I’m releasing an EP later this month entitled ‘RemiXeS’ this month too, take a peek at the single!

Are you hungry?

I have a shocker for you.

Wait for it
Wait for it

Talent isn’t rare. In fact talent is amazingly enough, very common. Artists now a days complain constantly that their work is underrated, while some person with little talent is off making millions of dollars. The simple answer often comes down to hunger. How much do you want it? How motivated are you? Artists shoot themselves in the foot all the time by missing the minor details. However motivation, drive, and hunger; these are tools that help push that talent-less person to the top, while your talent is over looked.

I have watched underground musicians go from no name artists, to worldwide tours, and I will tell you what they did was simple. Let’s talk for a moment about one of my favorite stories. Tropkillaz are a Trap duo [Zê (DJ Zegon) and Andre (Laudz)] from São Paulo, Brazil. When I came upon them, I got a free Tropkillaz download from this obscure Brazilian blog. I came away from that site following Tropkillaz, and another artist Jaloo from Pará, Brazil. It has been less than a year, but Zê and Andre have been able to put their music out to the world and amazingly enoug their tracks are free. They make their money touring, they self produce, and they don’t have any merchandise. Now Tropkillaz is a well known name in trap music and it happened all through hunger. Jaloo is starting to become more recognized in Brazil, but he hasn’t made his name world wide. The push that he has compared to Tropkillaz is lacking. Tropkillaz is producing and pushing their music a lot. Their use of social media is mastery. When they put out a new track, I see it on their personal pages, as well as the Tropkillaz page, it’s on soundcloud, twitter, YouTube, and other social media outlets. When I share the link, Zê always takes the time to like it on my personal wall and on my page. During the week, they post videos from club gigs and entice and encourage their followers. They reply to people’s comments. You get to know the artists and you feel like you’re a part of their journey. Simple really, but it takes motivation, time, and effort.

So how hungry are you? That’s the question. Every morning an artist should wake up and ask themselves, “How hungry am I? How much do I want this?” Are you printing those flyers and taking them to all the music stores, head shops, and venues in your area? Where else can you put flyers? Are you connecting with your fan base in person, and on social media? How so and how can you do it better? Are you contacting other producers/musicians/artists and collaborating? Are you discussing and planning your future? What shows do you have lined up for the next week/month/year? What are you going to do if things don’t go as planned? What newspapers, magazines, blogs, and ezines can you be featured in? Can you get a radio spot? Do you have merchandise, and how are you getting that out there at a good cost to you? No matter what, you need to push yourself, because if you don’t, no one will.

There are many tools to use on the road to what you want, but the biggest tool you have is your own motivation.  Pay attention to what the big names are doing. They’re hungry, putting out merchandise, always moving, (feat.) on everybody’s tracks, and connecting with their fan base. Guess what my talented friend? That can be you too. Now go get it!


[Artist Spotlight] The Cult of Addiction

The Cult of Addiction

Left to right: Bassist Ben Bartholomew, guitarist/vocalist Jackson Venables, and drummer Leo Downsborough. Photography by Owen Measday.

I present to you this absolutely jammin 3-piece rock group from Perth, Australia: The Cult of Addiction. These boys need to be hyped.

Genre: Rock; roots.

Sounds like: The White Stripes from a decade ago with bluesy John Mayer-esque licks.

My current fave song of theirs:


They dropped their EP on BandCamp earlier this year, and just recently uploaded it to SoundCloud for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!



ML Ruubz

[Song Spotlight] Kanye West – Love Lockdown (N.E.R.D Remix by CEE-T)


What an impressive remix this is. Shoutouts to CEE-T. Taking one of Kanye’s most diverse songs in his catalogue, Love Lockdown, the single using just a pitched 808 pattern for it’s majority and also serving as the precursor to an album with a sound that’s changed contemporary urban music ; with influences spanning multiple artists from multiple genres and ultimately the album to bridge the 00′s R&B to the more electronic influenced R&B of the present day. Now using artificial drum programming with minimal, sparse backdrops.

What this remix does is interesting, using a sample of the bridge of one my favourite N.E.R.D songs ‘Everyone Nose’ and being pitched to get around the melody’s of Kanye’s Love Lockdown with Neptunes esque percussion to fit the bill with congas and ‘hey’ soundbites with Neptune esque synths and pads being blended in there. The pad melody around the chorus shifts so well it sounds normal.

It’s a new take on an already incredible song, this gets my vote.

This is MisterrCha of @TeamProU saying till next time.

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I’m releasing an EP later this month entitled ‘RemiXeS’ this month too, take a peek at the single!

[Series Debut] Rain Check Mondays Week 1: REKS – Hello Heaven

Produced By Rain Rain Check Mondays Week 1 Featuring REKS

The Series

Producers United is happy to debut a fresh series “Rain Check Mondays” by our newest member, Rain, of The Brain Trust! In it, you will be able to get a behind the scenes look of his mastermind creations and collaborations. Residing in Boston, he has been producing for over a decade (16 years to be exact. Twas’ 1998). But he’s only getting started to fully take off.

He’s the new creator of the “Kicks & Hats” Producer Showcase at The Good Life Bar, and will also be opening up for RJD2 this Sunday (At Paradise Rock Club).

He has worked with the brightest superstars and top artists in our state such as REKS, Termanology and many more. You name it and he’s probably worked with them. He has a track with Skyzoo, as well. That will be released in the future as part of this series.

It continues / Free Download

Rain will be releasing a new unreleased/throw-back track to his SoundCloud every Monday with a story and article to go along with it! Get the free download to this week’s series.


Most known for his work with Moe Pope, the two are fresh off numerous awards for their last release “Let The Right Ones In” (Called a classic by many in Boston and beyond). We debut the series with a collaboration with REKS, called “Hello Heaven” (A beautiful dedication to moms, and a goodbye to bad times)

Story By Rain

“I was on the phone with my Mother one night and she was telling me that she needed some new music. My Mom has pretty good taste, so naturally I had to give her some good stuff.

I decided that I was going to make a beat for her instead (which sparked the idea for “Cardiology“). I ended up giving the beat to REKS for his “R.E.K.S.” record (it was supposed to be the final song on the album but due to studio session issues did not make it in time before the master needed to be submitted).

Turns out, without me knowing what REKS was writing about, the first verse of the song ended up being about his mother. Funny how music can sometimes be a literal translation.”

Beautiful (this song was released on Mother’s Day and featured on sites such as 2DopeBoyz)

Peep the track below. Hope you were as excited and intrigued I was by the story.

The Track

Stay tuned for the next episode next week. Hope you enjoyed the track! Relax and take a Rain Check for this Monday.

Signing off,
Shawn Patel, CEO of @TeamProU

[Mix Of The Month] Prosciutto – Spring Mix

The people are loving it! Prosciutto, of Los Angeles drops this mix which we at Producers United are calling “The Mix Of The Month”.

This mix just transforms you into another mindstate, another location. It’s the only way to put it. The commenters are excited as I am. One saying

Damn! Exactly what i needed before a Friday morning work shift.

Exactly. Need something to take your mind off things and to just forget about the world? You listen to this.

The part that really did it for me that made me thought “Wow, I couldn’t expect this mix to get ANY better, yet it just did” was the 10 min-10:45 second mark. Absolutely bliss, on an Aaliyah remix. Absolutely speechless

Congratulations to him. He completely deserves this award and much much more recognition. I hope and know the recognition for him will continue to come, and we at ProU are excited to see the success unfold.

Follow him and listen to more of his music here! Free Prosciutto!

[New Song] C. Young – First Round Darko (Draft Day Remix)

A warm introduction to a first-time featured rapper on the ProU Blog: C. Young. This dedication to Chris Lighty is very well done, as the grinding artist from Los Angeles with big dreams and passion fights for the top.

From the beginning, his tone is set as he is not playing around. This song/beat clearly had him inspired to write and perform it with unmatched energy. This makes it one of his standout songs.

Stay tuned. He will be around. Happy to have introduced you to another artist before the masses. He ends the song smoothly and the vocal sample choice is perfect. It brings a very inspirational message that should be able to resonate with anyone.

Listen to more music and follow him here.

Signing off,
Shawn Patel, CEO of @TeamProU