Fran-P & Twan Drop Super Motivational Track “Never Fail”

Fran-P & Twan drop the second track off their “Proof” series, entitled “Never Fail”. They will be dropping a track every week off their E.P as part of the series. This one, already hitting 2500 plays in two days follows up “Hypertension” which was a major hit. You are sure to be moved by this one. Fran-P has one of those voices you just don’t forget. You feel the importance of what he has to say. And don’t underrate Twan. As Fran says: “Lay proper on the violent drums”. Twan has some of the hardest-hitting drums out there, catching your attention from the very beginning. Five more tracks will be dropping before the 7-track series concludes.

There’s something special about Fran songs. I feel like I am always listening at the right time when I put it on. It just calls your name and hits you so powerfully. It speaks to you. You might be ready to quit your endeavour… but listen to a Fran-P song and damn right is that thought going to vanish. That’s just the effect they have. Like the book “The Alchemist”.

When you listen it has the effect that “You’re not going to let go of the pursuit of your dreams”. Just like how Fran isn’t going to. He will climb. He has the determination and knows its in his control to keep going. Fail Fast. Fail Often. Fail Cheaply. There were no cheats, as Fran says. Such a motivational beat to go along with it: Salute to Twan. Quality speaks for itself – mixed at The Bridge Sound & Stage.

Beyond the project: Fran is doing big things. He was recently in the studio at the Bridge with The Arcitype, Jared Evan and Moe Pope. Visit Fran’s website here to see all his music. What I love most about him is he’s an incredibly down to earth great humble person to meet. Just the type of person you root for.

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[R&B Spotlight, WATCH OUT for this new talent @ImJordanJames ]


Pay attention to this guy. Coming from the London scene and future R&B soundscape we have a talented individual on the verge of becoming a serious name. He’s already being played on BBC Introducing ( a platform that new and upcoming artists can use to reacdh the BBC) which is a big step to getting out there on the radar. I found out about this artist through Kid Bracer (an artist I know personally who’s steadily building a fanbase in great hip hop.) Combining the funky sounds of the 90′s house, garage with the classic 90′s R&B popularised by producers Timbaland and the Neptunes and the future R&B synths we hear in today’s music he’s got something special.

Incredible framework from a bright artist.

This is MisterrCha of @TeamProU saying till next time.

I’ve finally managed to release my latest Beyonce and Andre 3000 remix, you can stream that below!

Token Drops Jurassic Cypher , Calls Out Rippz & Composition.

Originally called out by Aleyes, Massachusetts 15 Year Old Rapper Token drops this Kitchen Rap “Jurassic Cypher” filmed by Dayo D’Alelio and edited by Token.

Another impressive song. This past weekend Token performed and impressed the crowd in Salem, MA : the town he was born in – for the Free Glasshouse Benefit Show & D.A Release Party. Constantly making moves.

He calls out Brandon “Rippz” (did amazing in the Team Backpack competition in Cali and his hobbies include: saving peoples lives) and Composition (of Team Glasshouse) to do the Jurassic Cypher.

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[New Video] KaliRaps Drops Vintage Visuals for “The Past”

Good models (dat pin-up!), great cars, nice weather, and a blast from the past. What more can you ask for? Don’t miss this new KaliRaps video. Makes you want to live in Cali eh?

Beautiful visuals by GorillaFlix. Produced by Stackz Beatz.  This song is off the new Mr. Misunderstood (Hosted by Adrian Swish). Thank you to Tim Nihan for showing me this video!

Get his new project here in one click just released early July. Features include Jon Connor, Termanology, REKS, Maino, Chris Webby, and many cuts produced by Statik Selektah. Always rapping passionately. Love the line on his track “Limitless” with REKS, “I’m the Black Shane Battier. I’m better in the playoffs. Crunch time.”. Classic. On a very spooky dope beat too. Kali has a nack for choosing good beats.

Another track I’d REALLY like to see visuals for off his new tape is “So Long”.

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[R&B] Carlos M – For You (Van Kay Bootleg)

Every artist loves when their song gets remixed. Even more when the remix is nice! I was chatting with Carlos and he was super pumped up about this one! Salute to Van Kay, from Seattle, Washington for remixing the humble and hard-working R&B artist from New Jersey, Carlos M. Free download of the track here! (Carlos is also a producer and produced this track with Citoonthebeat).

Really fun remix track by Van Kay. Will be paying attention to him
The comments are really uplifting & positive too. The people approve of this amazing Seattle to New Jersey connection.

More Van Kay tracks on his site here!

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Sam Sullivan of ProU Dedicates Song to His Mother

Definitely didn’t want this to go unnoticed. Awesome story. And I believe the beautiful piano is played by Sam Sullivan, the 18 year old producer himself. He has been creating instrumentals since he was a little kid, putting up tutorials on YouTube. It’s no wonder he has advanced to the stage he has. Most of all what separates him is his grind. But I love how unique his production is. The vocal sample on this track “Still Love U Ma” is insane.

Very touching. Gotta love a gentleman humble and loving enough to release a song out to his mom.


Here’s a song dedicated to my mother, she’s a delicate woman who hasn’t necessarily had the easiest past decade. I just moved out of the house, so she’s currently living completely alone. S/O to her for being strong.

Follow Sam on Twitter! (and dont forget to listen to his latest album with C-Hawk “Only The Beginning” (O.T.B) here. It just released and has hit over 25,000 plays in two weeks!) It’s only the beginning as they say.


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The Death of EDM (By Matt Dezz)

Chainsmokers 2

Before I begin my piece, I would like to express that this article is solely my opinion, The opinions expressed by myself is not shared amongst others affiliated within Producers United.


By Matt Dezz

It is about 10 in the morning, I have just woken up. My morning ritual consists of a ceremonial stretch, A glance at my smartphone, I then check my social networks and head off to take a shower to fully wake up. However on this particular day about 3 weeks ago, My morning ritual would be halted, And rage would encompass every fibre of my being. I was directed to YouTube via a link. What I had witnessed in the minutes that had passed made me cringe harder than I ever had before in my life.

Before I talk about what my eyes and ears had gazed upon that fateful morning 3 weeks ago, My thoughts about the future of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) had already been weary. Ever since EDM had risen into the publics interest, It seemed it’d be only a matter of time before what seemd mainstream, Would undoubtedly go the way of many musical styles and genres before it. Albeit; Rock, Funk, Soul etc. EDM from the very time it rose into prominence, Only had sometime left in the spotlight before it was overtaken by another form of music. Sad to say it, But it seems as though EDM has well and truly started its descent back into the underground. How do we combat obscurity? Enter Aiden Jude and DJ Kai.

Selfie Chainsmokers

Like many a time, even before the popularity of EDM. Whatever has been popular, has always looked towards a novelty. A novelty can and sometimes will freshen up a once popular interest. Just look at the edition of Ashton Kutcher on ‘Two and a Half Men’, Need I say more. However, Instead of calling Aiden Jude and DJ Kai a ‘novelty’, We will instead use the term ‘Jumping the Shark’, A term we are all familiar with.

aiden lol

Aiden Jude Being Typical

Aiden Jude is a very young DJ, So young in fact that his testicles have yet to drop. However, The self-proclaimed prodigy is already playing in clubs at some of the most prestigious venues around the United States. HOW? WHY? WHO? are all thoughts that ran through my mind when i first heard about this young’n. Then it dawned on me… $. Yes. $. How else? Why else would there be a way for him to play at these venues? Do I hate him? I did. Then I hated the machine behind him, His parents, His manager. Those who thrust this kid into the spotlight. Those who pushed him in front of others who had worked incredibly hard to earn their spots at these prestigious clubs.

OH WAIT! “You mentioned DJ Kai” is what might be running through your mind, Why yes I did. Whats the difference you might ask? Nothing really, Except DJ Kai is 10, Aiden Jude is 12, And they both have $$$ backing their careers at such a young age. But what might just seem like a joke to some, Has very serious consequences for the rest of us. What happens when a person who loves electronic dance music see’s this? What happens when DJ Kai is supported by a major label such as Ultra? I saw a comment that said “Seriously Ultra? Dont make me not want to attend your festivals”. Another comment which ill focus on was “If a 10 year old can do it, Other DJ’s are just as good as Juke Boxes”. And herein lies the problem folks. Why the demise has started.

DJ Kai Playing at a Supermarket in Japan.

DJ Kai Playing at a Supermarket.

EDM has always, And always will have the stigma of “BUTTON PUSHERS” and now it seems its “A 10 YEAR OLD CAN DO YOUR JOB”. And the only thing that can trump these comments from a hater or someone who is sick of EDM, is PROOF. Proof given to them by A few DJ’s who were widely respected by their peers before they were the catalysts for hitting the final nail in the coffin that is the “DEATH” of EDM. Ladies and gentleman, The Chainsmokers on American Idol.

Whats worse than having people tell you “A 10 year old can do your job” and “all you do is press play”. Well… remember when I mentioned how I woke up and viewed a YouTube link? It was for The Chainsmokers and their “performance” on American Idol. How did they kill EDM? They played their newest track #Selfie. How exactly did they play it? An acoustic version you say? HA! NO!. They pressed play. THATS IT. And with that, all arguments against EDM have been validated. American Idol boasts a large viewership, A large enough viewership that collectively said “what the fuck did I just witness?” And when you have a large majority saying “What the fuck did I just witness”, they start finding other musical avenues. Avenues that are cooler: They start looking at EDM as being lame. For cavemen and peabrains. Possibly as lame as Disco. Such is.. the slow death of EDM.

- Matt Dezz

[See the Video Below Matt was talking about. WARNING: THIS SHIT IS TERRIBLE]

Mysterious “Geist” Group Return To Drop Festival Track “Auge Uber”

Anticipating the release of their newest single Auge Uber, The music production group known only as “Geist” was asked a series of questions during a recent press event to which they replied only with a blank stare back at the interviewer and the response “this meeting is adjourned”. They then processed to leave room without any further communication.

Their last single “Heimkommen” hit over 30,000 plays.

I love their Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Follow their FB here to see what I mean.
I was just going through their Twitter feed and was highly entertained.  Love what they are doing.

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C-Hawk & Sam Sullivan O.T.B. Album Exceeds 20K Plays In 10 Days!

Since C-Hawk & SamSullivanBeats (of ProU) dropped their Only The Beginning album on Independence Day, exceeding 10,000 plays in its first week, it is still continually rising and climbed to 20,000 for the second! Amazing. As of July 14th (10 days after release it hit 20k)

The two advanced 18 year old New Hampshire natives take on this album with incredibly fresh production by Sam and high-energy rhyming from C-Hawk [Connor Hawkins]. Get the free 1-click download on DatPiff here! These are two REAL musicians. I’m constantly enthralled by Sam’s production. These are two long-time best friends who have grown up and taken most of their music classes together. The piano and sax featured on the album are ALL played by them. Also some of the drums are played by them. It’s always refreshing to hear the real instro sound on albums.

My favorite tracks from the album: Bliss, Heart & Soul, Listen Close. and Summer Breeze. Comment yours!

I absolutely love the sample of Justin Finkelstein in the intro (For “Down to Ride”). Also be on the lookout for that video.  Also you GOTTA love the flow on the Down To Ride track. That beat gets absolutely RIDICULOUS at the end of the track!

By the way C-Hawk has only been rapping for 6 months. Thats what impresses me the most. Sam & Him worked very hard on top of jobs & school for six months to bring this album to perfection. And Sam had to make sure everything in the sound came out perfect with mixing & the rest. Respect to these hard workers. They make a solid combo for sure.

STL GLD drops Zombies With REKS and Ruste Juxx w/ Incredible Production

STL GLD (Moe Pope + Arcitype) of Boston are taking over. Featured on sites like EarMilk, 2DopeBoyz, NahRight, and any legit hip hop site you can think of – they have been releasing videos and singles out the wazoo in preparation for their album My Monday Morning Music (MMMM) coming out August 12th. You can preorder that from iTunes here. It’s their debut album and they have clearly worked very very hard at it. You’ll be hard pressed to find an artist who takes his rap craft more serious than Moe Pope. And same is to be said about The Arcitype with his production. Completely non-sampled. He plays a variety of instruments and is a one-man-machine recording and playing incredibly hard-hitting sounds on every one of his productions. I call him Massachusetts’ best producer.

Moe Pope really paints a picture for you with his raps. It’s no wonder he is also an INCREDIBLE painter ; with some of the best work I have seen. I can see him directing a movie one day and it being incredibly captivating. Something around the likes of Kanye’s MBDTF.

And you can’t forget about REKS, always bringing the heat on his verses. Mass legend.

Also featured on the track, is Ruste Juxx of Duck Down who works really nicely on Arc beats (they did the project V.I.C together)

Find more information and goodies on STL GLD on their website here. They will be going on tour around the East Coast and you surely don’t want to miss it. I have seen both Moe + Arc live (on separate occasions and they are both intense & artists that only do full justice if you see them live). The album will be released on AR Classic Records & Brick Records.