We’re Thankful For The Ladder, Thank You For 13,000 Followers

To summarise it all. We’re truly thankful at Producers United for supporting the whole of our collective. It’s been a tremendous and an eventful year at ProU. Seeing the growth from the start of January and reflecting upon it now is something truly special. Thank you for enjoying our output and content, we’ll continue to deliver more content in the future.

From Myself and everyone at Producers United, Happy Holidays.

As a way of saying thank you, I’ve whipped up a remix. My homie SK The Greatest whipped up an immense instrumental for you also! Hope you enjoy. Stay safe and take care.


GFOTY – Bobby (MisterrCha Remix)

SK The Greatest – Take Your Mind

[VIDEO] Ediquette Tells Rappers To Take A Step Back On “Wait To Talk”

A very smooth track on a smooth beat. This is easily one of my favorite Ediquette tracks. Massachusetts’ Rose Glen (Jon Aveni) and Ediquette of the Glasshouse team combine for this new visual and entry to the Jee Juh contest (Grand Prize winner gets $1500. Second place gets $1000).

The description reads,

Wait to Talk is an original song by Ediquette of GlassHouse productions and the lyrics speak for themselves. Inspired by real events and situations in his own life, Ediquette proves in that a catchy song can also have substance.


Essential To Hear: I.O.D [ @IODOfficial ] – Ebola (Prod. by Gordon)

“Only on certain jams, I might give a clap or two, might even tap my shoe, but that don’t mean we working fam.”

I feel this is one of the songs that capture the essence of 2014 near perfectly. I.O.D’s hyper-aware presence of his surroundings is all over the track. Fast, energetic, captivating cadences are present all over this as they are a template of making a song memorable in the current age. (See – Young Thug’s ‘Danny Glover‘) But unlike his contemporary peers, I.O.D puts his stance above theirs with; clever nods of social commentary, reframing the word ‘Ebola’ and adding new meanings and perceptions to the very word, racial commentaries and quotable lines, all with the packaged elegance of what’s needed to resonate with a wide range of people at a range of locations.

This is MisterrCha of @TeamProU saying till next time.

Essential To Hear: @SENSEIAPEX – Bebop (prod. by @notshanemartin )


Reference: Spike from Cowboy Bebop (1997)

London artist Lord Apex teams up with Seattle-based producer Senzo on the production boards as Lord Apex delivers a new track entitled ‘Bebop’.

What’s striking about this track from the moment you press play is the attention to detail in the production, sidechained kicks with a booming low end on large speaker systems, gritty lo-fi drums, and a lo-fi jazz sample which plays expertly in the rhythms of the soundspace for pure relaxation.

Lord Apex continues to carry his lyricism through a multitude of double entendres, shapeshifting the English language through perspectives, contextual filters that are uncompromised. He leaves you to think;  he only presents the statements, but lets you make the decision to take anything further at your own free will.

“We lead the fight how our future functions, open your eyes, visualise to see the truth”.

This is MisterrCha of @TeamProU saying till next time.

Token Releases Buzzing Jee Juh Entry “From The Ground Up”

16 Year Old Rapper Token continues his aerial assault on the underground hip hop world, with a new video for the Jee Juh contest “From The Ground Up”, teaming up with young upcoming Boston videographer “Miles Joyner“. This is the first time the talented young men are working together. The grand prize winner of the Jee Juh contest will receive $1500. If he wins I have a feeling he will donate it to the “Stop Wack Rappers Like 2Chainz From Getting Big” charity

Besides the impressive 2400 plays in 24 hours (100 plays an hour), The Jee Juh production team has already recognized his talent and posted it to their Facebook page!

This could be one of the most highly entered contests of the season and Token supporters (as well as people who just discovered him) truly believe he has a great chance to place. Good luck to him as well as fellow Glasshouse teammates Dexter Soul (his video here), and Ediquette (video soon to come)!

It’s great to see him combine with an extremely talented videographer in a shoot that seems like they took a pain-staking amount of takes to get it right. The edits are amazing.

One of my favorite scenes was the one with him with his cap backwards and you think it’s a random dude watching a Token video until he turns his head around (hahaha).  I thought it was his friend and Glasshouse teammate “Composition” (also 16 + very talented).  And you have to respect when a lyricist also has a humorous side to him. Because it’s hard to keep the viewer entertained – but Token always manages to do so.

The soul/sole for my shoe line was incredibly clever too – and Token’s acting was on point as usual. He is getting better EVERY video he does. And he is certainly a threat. The beat just REALLY worked for his style on this track too. Jon Glass (the founder of Glasshouse), who we’ve featured many times and whom wrote an editorial on (if you’re interested in the behind the scenes of the team and their growth and influence) mixed the track.

Until Next Time,
It’s Shawn Patel, CEO of @TeamProU
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[ProU Mix Feature] First Ear’s DJ Kulv Reyatt Reps For Our Team

Thanks to Kulv Reyatt, Jack Waites, Roe, and the great team at First Ear, we have had the honor of being represented in a DJ mix created by Kulv. It contains 47 minutes of ProU-produced material! The wonderful art thanks to Roevicious of FE! We cannot thank you enough Kulv for your hard work Sir! Respect also to Jack for putting up the article!


AC feat Skyzoo – The Healing (Prod. Rain of @TeamProU)
J1K of @TeamProU – Shaft
Moe Pope – What You Need (Prod. Rain)
NineTaelsof @TeamProU – Main Street
Crxcxdile – So You Wanna Dream (Prod. J1K)
J1K – Crown City (off his Thirty Three tape. Considered a Classic. FREE)
Dexter Soul (of Team Glasshouse) – Christmas Time Is Here (Prod. J1K)
J1K – Soul
Moe Pope – Buhboom (Prod. Rain)
Tim Nihan of @TeamProU – The Charm
Pacman of @TeamProU ft Tim Nihan –
Tim Nihan ft Steve Rumizen – Windows Down
GarudasHellMuzik – Sky
Crxcxdile – Black Blood (Prod. J1K)
MisterrCha – Intro (Off his Classic “Vision To LifeFREE album)
Tim Nihan ft Mr. Fritz – Million Dollars (Prod. Steve Rumizen)
SamSullivanBeats of @TeamProU – She’s Sexy
Tim Nihan ft Mr. Fritz – We Got It

Until Next Time,
It’s Shawn Patel, CEO of @TeamProU
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Carlos M Drops Intimate “You and I” Track

R&B Artist from New Jersey, Carlos M (2600 SoundCloud followers) releases his new track “U and I” off his upcoming “Lost in Utopia” LP! Stay tuned – the productive singer & producer is making sure his name stays in your ears. He produced this one himself (as most of his tracks are). The buzzing track is already nearing 2000 plays!

Dexter Soul’s Shows His Grind In “Work” Video For Jee Juh Contest

Dexter Soul of the Glasshouse team drops his latest video for the Jee Juh contest entitled “Work”, shot by ProU friend Jon Aveni of Rose Glen Ent.

I love that “Wrote the lines and re-wrote the lines” part. The passion in it was fiery. Probably my favorite part of the video.

Another favorite line was “voice going hoarse when I record this song”

I love the raw visuals of the gym and the limited colors they use in those scenes. It gives it a very serious minimalistic vintage vibe to it like how black-and-white Color TVs . Going to the “throwback” of just working hard at something in a time where no special energy drinks & stupid shake-weight type devices were invented

Having just signed up for a gym membership, I have extra respect for someone who dedicates themself to a good work ethic in the “body lab” as I call it. I believe it leads to success in other areas of your life, and it’s definitely a VERY small investment considering how much you benefit from it. Generally, success-minded people go to the gym, and that’s an environment you want to be in. Go to the gym. Learn from Dexter Soul (formerly named Biz). You can check out more of his music here (over 2200 followers on SoundCloud). “You” is one of my favorite songs of the year.

M-Dot Releases His Fun “Smooth” Video Shot In Belgium

From the video description:

Every now and then Chillow Productions invites dope MCs and lyricists to Kortrijk/Belgium . Mostly the artists stay a few days to hang out and make some music.

This time we invited M-Dot for Barz ‘n Hooks edition 3! We had a wonderful, creative and hilarious time! M-dot stayed to chill in Kortrijk for a few days. We did a song and a video in the meantime. This song is the result of a few hours studio and a day filming!

M-Dot, probably the or one of the most hard-working rappers from Boston (a main reason why I look up to him, besides also him being very kind & always open to having a regular human-to-human conversation with his supporters) drops a video I am a HUGE fan of, called “Smooth”. I just love the aspects of this video – the suits, the ACTUAL song, and the whole floating (and floating backward) element made it super unique. It also sounded really fun to to shoot the way he described it. You don’t see too many well-choreographed rap videos – and here we have one that is not only so, but was shot and recorded in only ONE day. And is rightly taking over the blogosphere. Shot in Belgium.

S/O to the EMS crew he is part of. Please do him (and yourself) a solid by “liking” his fan page right here to keep up with updates and new videos. Another video will be released that he shot while in Europe, shortly as well. Support good music!

Short story: I had gotten to see the sneak preview before it was finished at Jon Glass’s studio w/ M-Dot a few weeks ago. And it was awesome to see how involved he was in the editing process as well. He knew exactly what suggestions/edits to make to make the video as dope as possible – and not afraid to make sure his opinions became reality so the final product can be as dope as possible (I know this because as were watching he was pointing out all the film things that could be improved or that were changed and I agreed). His passion for what he does is ELECTRIC. Which is lovely see even 10+ years after the start of his career he treats it with the same enthusiasm, love, and ethic like it’s day 1: that “Always have to prove myself & go-further attitude”. Respect.

Until Next Time,
It’s Shawn Patel, CEO of @TeamProU
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New Music – @Wikid2thaWayz – Play Tha Victim ( Prod by @MisterrCha )

Something smooth and laid back for y’all. Raps to your elevate your day through passionate rhythms. My return to the production boards with artists as opposed to an remix, this beat was made a while ago but it still sounds fresh. I’ll leave you to take a listen! The first single of my project with the Iowa born rapper Wikid Wayz entitled ‘Bad Visions’ which can be checked below.


This is MisterrCha of @TeamProU saying till next time.