Green Street – Ninety2 (Prod. Budamonk)

As they gear up for their first ever national tour in November, Green Street liberates a new loose joint for their fans. Produced by Tokyo-based beatsmith, Budamonk, “Ninety2″ is a throwback to the days of De La Soul and ATCQ, with it’s funky chops and colorful lyricism. Additional vocals by King Pleaxure.

Download, the “The Will To Win” with features from Raekwon, Mickey Factz & more here

Comments: I really liked the chorus. The beat was smooth. And it was in routine Green St. fashion that they would have fun on a track with a smooth beat. You can’t be in a bad mood listening to something like this. They are as inspiring as [f-bomb] , just a few humble kids about to go on a national tour. Ren and A-live both went through life-threatening illnesses and surpassed them. And now all three (Ren the Producer + Soupa & A-Live the MCs) continue to pursue their dreams…. it makes it impossible for me to say “nah, let me stop my dreams” to my own, because I know how tough THEIR struggle has been. If they believe, I believe in myself. That singer is also DAMN talented. The energy on Soupa’s verse is crazy. One of the best soup verses I’ve heard. He’s STEADILY improving. That Sax 5th part was dope as hell. I can’t be your fresh prince, I ain’t Will. CTFU. I do like how Green Street calls themselves almost a modern day ATCQ. It’s a cool style.

Food, Music, Home and Acceptance

I have an obsession with two things – food and music. When I’m dead and gone my life’s work will have been dedicated to the incredibly visceral combination of the two. This is the kind of thing where level of intelligence is absolutely moot. It’s about that deep inward feeling that consumes us when we’re experiencing it. They are truly original forms of therapy. The heart is made up of four chambers and I’m apt to say that music and food are two of them.

Every Sunday, a tiny “Rustic American Eatery & Bakery” known as Salt of the Earth hosts incredibly talented guests for their music series. This restaurant is located in Fennville, MI which has an approximate population of only 1,400 people. You could miss driving through it if you sneezed and you certainly would regret it. This tiny town is the buckle to West Michigan’s agricultural belt. To quote their website, “Salt of the Earth celebrates the bounty of the Michigan farm, beverage, and roots music community.”. They actually partner with farmers, growers, brewers and distillers within a fifty-mile radius to provide a long forgotten quality of freshness in today’s food and it’s perfect partner-in-crime… music.

Last night we experienced, local to West Michigan indie-folk sensation, The Crane Wives for an unexpected feeling of euphoria (at seemingly the world’s best venue). They usually play to much larger crowds, but Salt of the Earth is a very special place. Their genre is outside of my go-to-music, however their enthusiastic passion still invoked something in me. They introduced The Diving Bell as their only “happy” song and then laughed because it starts off by referencing drowning. Their metaphors were raw and perfect as if they were lovingly ripened and picked from the garden of life.

I don’t mean to misquote one of their singers, but she said something to which I directly related. I wish I had it recorded, but I believe it was along these lines, “These songs are from our own personal experiences and anxieties. We interpret our emotions through our music. And that’s hard to do when you’re happy because when you’re happy…you know…you’re distracted.”. I’m telling you a huge gong crashed in my brain after she said that and life made just a little bit more sense right then.

Here we were in this perfect sized room with probably less than seventy-five people. On the table sat a bottle of Bordeaux, handmade aged cheddar pierogies with buttered red cabbage, a sweet-smoky wood-fired pizza and the best damn s’more on the planet. The timelessly enchanting melodies of The Crane Wives brought the whole experience full circle, making our toes tingle. Our server said they were “just the cutest band in the whole world”. She may have been right, but they reminded me more of a wolf-pack howling at the moon in perfect three-part harmony. Maybe a cute wolf-pack, though.


The Crane Wives @ Salt of the Earth – 10/26/14  (photo credit: ShantsBySchantz)

The truth is our food came from the surrounding fields and our music came from our neighbors. This was more than the essence of Americana. This was more than a campaign known as Pure Michigan. This was more than West Michigan, even. This was the pioneering spirit of our home and all of us there accepted that we were a part of it together. Which reminds me, those other two chambers of our heart are exactly that – home and acceptance. Damn, that was delicious.

Scotty J ~ “If we can focus on living and loving locally, we can lead by example globally.”

Check ‘em out here on the web…

…and find your way to ‘em in person!!

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Stiz Grimey Captivates With Scary Visuals for “Lizzie Borden”

Rose Glen and Stiz Grimey are back. Last time they rounded up a successful run with the blogosphere and Boston hip hop with “Here We Are Again”. Now the two (Stiz & Jon Aveni of Rose Glen) come back to drop a surprise on the world. A new visual for “Lizzie Borden” when he had only announced he was going to release a regular SoundCloud track for it. Gotta love the T-shirt! Stay tuned. Stiz isn’t going anywhere.


Boston’s Joey B Gets Top Blog Attention With “Mass Confusion”

Boston Rapper “Joey B” combines with Joe Budden “A Loose Quarter” co-conspirators:  Trev Rich and battle legend “Tsu Surf” for his newest track “Mass Confusion” that is getting massive attention worldwide, already placing in 2DopeBoyz and about a dozen+ other blogs. We previously covered his “Better Off Apart” track which is one of my favorites.  I don’t even like trap-style rappers but think Trev went hard on that first verse. The production by Dark Night is really really solid, and as always DJ Slipwax kills it on his cuts. Joey B never skimps on the quality. And thank you to him for putting me on to Dark Night. That might be a producer to watch out for.

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Ambro Releases Dope Visual For “Don’t Fake The Funk”

Ambro of Boston, MA releases his latest visual off his dope concept USB album “Something for Everybody”. The video for “Don’t Fake the Funk” is captivating from the beginning. I like the unique way of approaching the video he comes with. Not many rappers can say they do all their videos themself. And at the age of 21. His future is so bright like you’ll hear about in the video, driven by his artistic vision as an excellent marketer/businessman and a creative. ProU messes with this dude heavily and we’re betting on his success.

Editor Thoughts: I really liked what he did after 57 seconds: with the “And?” and starting off the beat part of the video with that. The capture of the dope shoes was one I respected too. Those are some fresh kicks and I don’t even like shoes. Ambro has been making moves though. He recently performed at the Boston Sneaker Jam at the Seaport World Trade Center, and is getting shows left and right. He’s definitely a performer you don’t want to miss, bringing crazy energy every time.


The UK Music Scene is Reaching Another Boiling Point


As the generation before us has made noise, we will continue to make noise.
A statement that has been proven time and time again. Recently the 2014 MOBO’s proved how close we are in terms of underground and unconventional music being pushed into the mainstream. Of course this isn’t the first time we’ve won and changed the paradigm of popular contemporary, it’s been done in the 90’s with the forefathers of jungle and drum and bass evolving into another genres and anything that’s made by the people for the people.

The support artists and producers have by their fans, bloggers, radio presenters and anyone supporting the music is far too strong and rampant to be ignored by major publications.


This is very evident in the way, styles and influences from the underground are slowly being dipped and tamed to the point of commercialism and being unable to identify the origins of such movements.

With grime revival, futuristic soul and R&B, afrobeats and a new age of rapstars moving through the Twitter and social media landsapce moving swift for the limelight, the majors are gonna shift their template to ours just as they have in the past.

And we, the people dictate that template.

This year could be a POTENTIAL first in which there’s no artist going platinum (no artist selling 1 million copies) so it’s all a open space if you have enough exposure to stand out.

A huge thanks to every supporter.

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Crook Firm Perform Their Single “Fly” at Boston Sneaker Jam

Crook Firm has had some pretty big shows and opportunities in the past few months. If you’re not familiar with the Smoove Movement, get hip.

Thanks to emcee and member of Crook Firm, Wendall Scott, who won Boston’s Mind Spray open mic, him and the rest of his Smoove Brothers got to perform at the Boston Urban Music Festival as one of the opening acts for Talib Kweli. (You can watch footage of them performing at BUMF right here).

Just this past weekend, the group had the opportunity to perform at the Boston Sneaker Jam. They performed their single “Fly” produced by Boston’s own Mr. Fritz .  The video features crisp footage of the Boston Sneaker Jam, and of course Crook Firm rocking out at their performance.

Be sure to check out Crook Firm’s music and stay tuned for more coming from them…oh and of course, stay smoove.

-Tim Nihan

[NEW Track] Sir Be & Jon Glass Are Back

Sir Be & Jon Glass are back with their track “I’m Back”. Great production by Jon Glass and amazing quality engineering is apparent. Combined with the awesome REAL lyricism of Sir Be – it makes for a unique track that you aren’t used to hearing. He calls out things that are refreshing to hear being called out. Stay tuned as these two are working on an entire project together!

Fran-P & Twan’s “Slow Down” Mark Finale of Successful “Proof” Series.

A series that has broken 85,000 plays comes to an end tonight, with a great finale. “Slow Down” by Boston emcee and producer duo “Fran-P & Twan” is a fitting inspirational track to leave us on our way to live life in remarkable fashion.

The 7-track series has enjoyed phenomenal success, even getting a track “Dive” placed on the biggest hip hop blog in France. Make sure you catch Fran-P headlining at the Mind Spray show in Boston October 27th, at Wonderbar. He’s a down to earth humble rapper, and the talented producer Twan will be there as well (who was featured in the last Mind Spray Producer showcase, actually). These are two people to look out for.

Fran reps for AR Classic Records (founded by The Arcitype). They are both off a performance at the popular A3C festival. He represented for Boston in the “Beantown Bullies” showcase presented by AR Classic. It was another notch in the belt of Fran’s success saying “This is what I’m supposed to be doing”. I talked to him, and seeing all those other people who were chasing their dreams, down at A3C, was just extra confirmation that he was doing the right thing.

I am a big fan of Twan’s beats as well – so this was a super enjoyable series for me to personally promote & enjoy. It has been a pleasure working with two extraordinary gentlemen.

Listen to the full series here.